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check on values in Universally Unique Identifier (Q195284)-format across properties: such an identifier value is generally unique even across properties.

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

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urn:uuid:4514dd88-0b7a-4a48-83b9-73f9318f65d3 Hill & Range MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q5761995 Property:P434 , Property:P966 2
urn:uuid:7ff62d84-c83d-4c68-b4db-dd168faebd2f Oussama Belhcen MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q3136199 , Q7383871 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:df5ab823-46ac-4a67-b302-98b7943233b3 Moheen Reeyad MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q28709819 , Q29017523 Property:P434 , Property:P2607 2
urn:uuid:4295cad7-fd13-40bd-804d-28b34f4be4ba NOURI MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q59554894 , Q61849974 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:ae27f1d1-b8c4-4b2f-88a0-094c3333ed24 Captain & Tennille MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q1035077 , Q5306261 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:1582a5b8-538e-45e7-9ae4-4099439a0e79 Ben Harper MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q380849 , Q10544696 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:1761dd90-8afd-4e77-8fd8-3f6028f02cf8 Jo Stafford MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q254748 , Q7580078 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:3469e430-ae3e-4685-ae15-8671bfa83ce7 Theorius Campus MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q64821963 Property:P434 , Property:P966 2
urn:uuid:bf473df9-d707-4878-a58d-bd3bc10e84af Paolo Bonfanti MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q3893796 Property:P434 , Property:P1004 2
urn:uuid:034c320b-0f58-4eca-8eb2-66cafac06b3b Charlie Musselwhite MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q1066965 , Q15699426 , Q66202114 , Q66203014 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:ace453d2-09d3-4a49-bdb0-96e30f9792bc Adastra MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) Q11849746 , Q66829097 Property:P434 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:23c4b729-c6b1-49fe-a480-f7c965f6342b She's having a baby MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q56612900 , Q56612906 Property:P435 , Property:P4404 2
urn:uuid:7d21b2d4-8292-3d15-8e7c-3d9d38c221a0 Memoryhouse MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q5801057 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:3448c75c-f59e-41c3-9aee-03f851f80031 Feu MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q20668963 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:6915f046-f14f-4ff5-add6-7a82e2213e62 La verdulera MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q48473637 , Q48474136 Property:P435 , Property:P4404 2
urn:uuid:0ad4573c-b5d6-4f2b-94ef-ca5be87247cd Patricia MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q16740380 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:eefd89e3-312c-46cf-982a-4a9014070456 Pretty Girl MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q27057183 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:5616ee7a-f579-42b2-be7b-569632763717 Behind the Realms of Madness MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q56759766 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:586d6059-a8c4-38b6-a7db-c5a7e0bfed57 And So It Goes MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q4753356 , Q17796836 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:ece67856-f5ef-4a60-90ab-9b9e537b2e7a Ditmas MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q20899428 Property:P435 , Property:P436 2
urn:uuid:b8b38d88-d40c-41fb-bbde-e5a5ad9a1ee0 Vishal Yoman MusicBrainz work ID (P435) Q63966678 , Q63959358 Property:P435 , Property:P966 2
urn:uuid:43d42d00-46fb-3d9c-9612-03d30fb20307 Soundtrack From The Film “More” MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q215416 Property:P436 , Property:P5813 2
urn:uuid:f38c4f02-3723-4a57-a298-a5fc64ee8959 Idlewild MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q17012904 Property:P436 , Property:P4404 2
urn:uuid:85a0af61-bf1f-4e47-9ef6-a8c843e0accd So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2014 MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q19961385 Property:P436 , Property:P5813 2
urn:uuid:4564560a-b980-41ae-bf17-98e9fe3affdd So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2015 CD+DVD MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q24807131 Property:P436 , Property:P5813 2
urn:uuid:ae716dc3-3dec-3afb-a459-6a78d826d6c5 Alex Baroni MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q3610622 Property:P436 , Property:P1004 2
urn:uuid:45f25cfc-9b7d-4ac6-bf8c-cefee6cbbf84 Fayah! MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q3740521 Property:P436 , Property:P1004 2
urn:uuid:d72ac35f-fc38-4201-9170-9c892f4255a0 I Am the Last of All the Field That Fell: A Channel MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q16911955 , Q65560649 Property:P436 , Property:P966 2
urn:uuid:c2af433c-7f43-46d2-ad46-4e7e529d9c29 April MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) Q621913 Property:P436 , Property:P4404 2
urn:uuid:f48e61e1-2964-4a82-bf96-10fcb07b3115 C.P. MacGregor Studios MusicBrainz label ID (P966) Q56670213 Property:P966 , Property:P1004 2
urn:uuid:480959b5-e002-4e48-85ca-c0307cdf9099 Paedophryne oyatabu ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q684764 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:e8161ea4-8f9e-4c9c-8a90-c9cfeb9e8a01 Sinella zhangi ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q26271736 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:8dea8ed4-d3d2-49dc-aff2-8b8a21cf0044 Paedophryne verrucosa ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q2348395 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca05-ffca-ee87-faba43bdfd6e Chlorocypha maxima ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747093 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca08-fffc-eec8-fea94509fe3a Africocypha varicolor ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747094 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca15-fffa-ef37-fb524211fe1f Umma gumma ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21714929 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca31-ffc6-ee8e-fdaf43dbfe60 Elattoneura aurifex ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747117 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca87-ff4b-eef2-ff1043affdf0 Phyllogomphus bongorum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747136 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cab5-ff5a-ee9c-fc31434bfcef Eleuthemis umbrina ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747169 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cadd-ff2d-ee91-faeb4380fdda Orthetrum umbratum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747178 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:13622878-92b3-43b7-b253-426ce076e37f Xuedytes bellus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q47006152 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca01-fff1-ef2c-fbc1435cfd3f Chlorocypha flammea ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747118 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca20-ffd1-ef14-fc814310fd00 Agriocnemis toto ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747197 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca3c-ffc2-ef6a-fc0b42f0fe4a Allocnemis vicki ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747187 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca56-ffb8-ef2c-fe1540fdfe1f Pseudagrion dactylidium ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747124 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca71-ff81-eef3-fe87423bfe3a Gynacantha pupillata ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747150 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca72-ff9a-eef8-fdf4406cfed0 Lestinogomphus calcaratus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747157 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca9c-ff6d-eede-ff1042c2fc0a Notogomphus kimpavita ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747183 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cabc-ff40-ef26-feaa42eafd10 Eleuthemis eogaster ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747164 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caca-ff3d-ef21-fc7242eefc0a Urothemis venata ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747134 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca2e-ffd3-ef02-ff104232fc90 Agriocnemis canuango ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747196 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca58-ffaf-eef1-fc814275fbff Ceriagrion junceum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747129 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca5f-ffa3-eed2-ff10400dfb9a Ceriagrion obfuscans ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747095 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca98-ff6e-eefd-ff10409efcdf Notogomphus intermedius ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747192 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caa6-ff28-ef0c-fcab407dfb9a Orthetrum kafwi ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747194 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:9d1ca117-525f-35ee-a104-7c3138a3a8fc Lestinogomphus obtusus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747193 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:6f724864-05a5-4729-ab27-7093a64f90f2 Paedophryne swiftorum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q2169503 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:14e2b5fe-322f-42bf-8ba5-e2c253129ab2 Sinolatindia ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24462560 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:46e73a6d-3ba1-41cf-9c06-974bd02fe49f Sinolatindia petila ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24462629 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:c8ea2edc-08d7-42e2-962e-347d379dcf29 Orthogonius sabahicus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24276692 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca39-ffcf-eeff-fce44503fcef Pentaphlebia mangana ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747185 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca4a-ffbe-ef30-ff104276fdda Pseudagrion munte ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747147 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca67-ff6a-ef2a-fc5a4333fd00 Notogomphus gorilla ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21733316 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca89-ff79-ee8c-ff104021fb2a Paragomphus clausnitzerorum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747152 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca92-ff65-ef22-fda94274fd00 Paragomphus cammaertsi ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747174 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:3b527d14-119d-4190-8a76-0fad5d3a0b7d Paedophryne kathismaphlox ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q1939975 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca22-ffab-eee4-fd11426afc90 Ceriagrion banditum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747126 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca29-ffdb-eec3-fd8a4283fc0a Elattoneura tarbotonorum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747200 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca47-ff89-eee6-fea942fbfd6a Anax gladiator ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747148 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca4e-ffb3-eec5-fe3f434cfbff Pseudagrion sarepi ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747113 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca7a-ff82-eecb-fccf4500fe8f Gynacantha congolica ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747182 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cad6-ff39-ef23-fc724353fcef Trithemis legrandi ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747131 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:ec7966ee-1e49-8f05-96c0-b594ff6e64d1 Lestinogomphus venustus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747188 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:43b95c9d-f5c5-4802-b508-a952da9020a6 Powellitheca ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24837183 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:f43bc913-d3b4-457a-a73c-2b4a5f0897ac Powellithecidae ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24837104 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:33df0c7f-afb6-409a-a5b3-45ed0664b27c Siamcyclops cavernicolus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q41167961 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:47720147-a3fb-407d-8313-d443cb014bf3 Fukomys ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q2469570 , Q41792069 Property:P1746 , Property:P2007 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca2b-ffde-ef17-fea9402ffdda Aciagrion bapepe ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747145 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca69-ff98-ef33-fe7a43a9fb50 Lestinogomphus nefrens ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747184 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca9e-ff61-eef0-fbef43aefe4a Onychogomphus undecim ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747190 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caa1-ff50-ef00-ff104313fe8f Neodythemis katanga ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747155 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cac5-ff0a-eef3-fe1a4285fc20 Zygonyx denticulatus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747141 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cad2-ff25-ee86-ff104262fcef Trithemis hinnula ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747203 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cadb-ff2e-ef36-fb9c4093fb0f Orthetrum lusinga ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747163 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cade-ff20-ee9a-fd5f40cbfcdf Porpax mezierei ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747180 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:2695c6fd-230f-41d4-a765-25dfd75e49c2 Orthogonius morvanianus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24276686 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:4b160419-87cb-48ae-85bf-b66c263a9b18 Pristimantis llanganati ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q24258946 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca43-ffb6-ef28-ff104095fc20 Pseudagrion tanganyicum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747125 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca52-ffa5-eec4-ff10435ffe1f Pseudagrion aureolum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747114 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caa2-ff55-ee91-ff1140ecfd4f Orthetrum agaricum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747172 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cab3-ff46-eec8-fd0f42fcfc20 Eleuthemis libera ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747130 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cab8-ff4e-eec3-fd614382fd6a Tragogomphus grogonfla ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747161 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-cac1-ff36-ef3a-ff10406bfe1f Zygonyx annika ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747138 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caf9-ff08-ef65-fc3140edfbc0 Zygonyx dionyx ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747143 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:08097ca5-172e-4f45-ae68-ac4e02bbc644 Geckolepis megalepis ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q28732515 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:3a6d9296-93a9-45c6-96f4-92fbae0d428d Paedophryne dekot ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q1941750 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:496f26ab-cd82-4a9c-944c-070ec86adaa4 Paedophryne amauensis ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q232169 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:543604b9-a3ba-4fa9-adc0-a506fcc99b04 Sinella colubra ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q26271745 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca02-fff6-ef37-fd574044faba Chlorocypha granata ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747121 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca0f-fff2-ee8d-fe5941eefc40 Chlorocypha aurora ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747116 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca2d-ffdc-eeec-fd5943b4fe3a Africallagma quingentum ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747195 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca35-ffda-eeec-fde640acfdaf Elattoneura lapidaria ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747198 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca4c-ffbd-ef00-ff10405afe3a Pseudagrion pacale ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747127 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca65-ff94-ef27-ff104032fcdf Notogomphus cobyae ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747144 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca6e-ff91-eed0-ff104279fc6f Notogomphus bosumbuli ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747167 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca83-ff77-ef37-fb7a42c1fb9a Paragomphus lemperti ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747202 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca8a-ff7d-eeff-fb0f4059fd00 Paragomphus darwalli ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747160 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-ca8e-ff70-eec8-fd114358fbff Paragomphus dispar ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747165 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caa9-ff5e-ef27-fc7140ddfd37 Malgassophlebia andzaba ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747171 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:03a25264-caad-ff5d-eecc-fd2f4365fe4a Neodythemis infra ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q21747151 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:e5b80a06-c636-4cff-aa37-a3a86eb7eb49 Borneophanus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q73346615 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:d8d16e65-0970-49be-bc6e-db0a4d1a4805 Borneophanus spinosus ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) Q73347287 Property:P1746 , Property:P1992 2
urn:uuid:c9b3fbf2-b1e3-4c44-b87e-cbf83349bdca Pristimantis yanezi Plazi ID (P1992) Q24258944 , Q27048022 Property:P1992 , Property:P2007 2
urn:uuid:89e4f806-f173-432b-aa15-c18e53a8faef Lepturalia nigripes rufipennis Plazi ID (P1992) Q73166216 , Q60049040 Property:P1992 , Property:P2007 2
urn:uuid:b5d1912e-89c7-4a66-ab96-0dc5f4f6c426 clinical immunology ESCO skill ID (P4644) Q3149141 , Q15634285 Property:P4644 , Property:P4652 2
urn:uuid:a7198837-139d-49c7-8fd0-eb8d8c1ee844 osteopath ESCO skill ID (P4644) Q28526862 Property:P4644 , Property:P4652 2

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