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Property creator (P170)
Sitelinks 2 → 3
Report length 10

Items missing creator (P170) linking to most sites. Last update: 2017-08-28 04:41 (UTC)

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QID Name creator (P170) Number of sites Sites
Q14906333 Q14906333 Hans Part 3 commons,de,ru
Q4210411 Kalugan Jumalanäiti anonymous 2 fi,ru
Q7111052 Our Lady of Šiluva anonymous 2 en,lt
Q9607235 Tongguang Thirteen Outstanding Opera Artists 2 ru,zh
Q12877531 Η Άνοιξη (τοιχογραφία) 2 el,la
Q15075927 Οι Κροκοσυλλέκτριες (τοιχογραφία) 2 el,la
Q18431925 Obraz Matki Boskiej z Koźla anonymous 2 pl,plquote
Q18431927 Our Lady of St. John's anonymous 2 pl,plquote
Q28336340 Ecce Homo anonymous 2 commons,pt
Q36967778 Q36967778 Hans Makart 2 commons,ja