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Constraint violations report for manufacturer (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): manufacturer or producer of this product
Data time stamp: (UTC) — Items processed: 45084
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P176.
Updates overwrite this page. Some may already be fixed since the last update: check RecentChangesLinked.
When incremental dumps and the bot work as planned, items fixed before 07:00 UTC disappear in the next update. The report is not updated if only the item count changes.
The report can include false positives. No need to "fix" them.


"Type product (Q2424752), construction (Q811430), type of manufactured good (Q22811462)" violations[edit]

Violations count: 6102


abbreviation (Q102786), database interface (Q1172367)[edit]

Pushback (Q1031268)[edit]

tracked carrier (Q10425933)[edit]

gun-howitzer (Q1047409)[edit]

Linienzugbeeinflussung (Q1048581)[edit]

Flume ride (Q10497016)[edit]

close-in weapon system (Q1054730)[edit]

fictional technology (Q1055307)[edit]

List of aircraft (Q1069967)[edit]

Lever-action (Q1075546)[edit]

technology (Q11016)[edit]

Anti-ship ballistic missile (Q1107641)[edit]

television anime (Q11086742)[edit]

chemical compound (Q11173)[edit]

chemical compound (Q11173), Drug (Q12140)[edit]

chemical compound (Q11173), Drug (Q12140), biopharmaceutical (Q679692), monoclonal antibody (Q422248)[edit]

chemical compound (Q11173), monoclonal antibody (Q422248)[edit]

chemical compound (Q11173), monoclonal antibody (Q422248), Drug (Q12140)[edit]

chemical compound (Q11173), antibody (Q79460), Drug (Q12140), biopharmaceutical (Q679692), monoclonal antibody (Q422248)[edit]

active radar homing (Q1133809)[edit]

breechblock (Q1141263)[edit]

film (Q11424)[edit]

film (Q11424), 3D film (Q229390)[edit]

movement (Q1149963)[edit]

disk enclosure (Q1154458)[edit]

missile defense (Q1155630)[edit]

Water slide (Q1163166)[edit]

constructed script (Q1191702)[edit]

corkscrew (Q12337)[edit]

Dodge Monaco (Q1234279), fictional automobile (Q15707563)[edit]

food maker (Q1252971)[edit]

Autobot (Q126351)[edit]

motor torpedo boat tender (Q12675179)[edit]

fat (Q127980)[edit]

rimfire (Q1289462)[edit]

land grid array (Q130913)[edit]

reservoir (Q131681)[edit]

perfume (Q131746)[edit]

adhesive (Q131790), sealant (Q1427914)[edit]

Guitar amplifier (Q1339359)[edit]

Wikimedia list article (Q13406463)[edit]

bicycle-sharing system (Q1358919)[edit]

stellarator (Q1360597), research project (Q1298668)[edit]

Meat extract (Q1365347)[edit]

Mobile payment (Q1365703)[edit]

bicycle lock (Q1392592), brand (Q431289)[edit]

remote weapon station (Q1406909)[edit]

sound chip (Q1418253)[edit]

no label (Q1422299)[edit]

franking (Q1444571)[edit]

fictional spacecraft (Q14637321)[edit]

solar power (Q1483757)[edit]

aircraft family (Q15056993)[edit]

aircraft family (Q15056993), descriptive item used as unit (Q22302160)[edit]

beer brand (Q15075508)[edit]

motorcycle manufacturer (Q15081030)[edit]

historical motorcycle manufacturer (Q15081032)[edit]

weapon family (Q15142889)[edit]

horse collar (Q152523)[edit]

set index (Q15623926)[edit]

Airbus A320-233 (Q15630488)[edit]

fictional automobile (Q15707563)[edit]

cigar (Q1576)[edit]

class of fictional entities (Q15831596)[edit]

coachwork (Q1588072)[edit]

privately held company (Q1589009)[edit]

boat type (Q16103215)[edit]

television station (Q1616075)[edit]

ship project (Q16214696)[edit]

food brand (Q16323605)[edit]

Minenwerfer (Q1639569)[edit]

taxon (Q16521)[edit]

network card (Q165233)[edit]

Lisp machine (Q1653376)[edit]

microcontroller (Q165678)[edit]

International Standard Payload Rack (Q1666941)[edit]

camera system (Q1667269)[edit]

salvage ship (Q16700016)[edit]

trademark (Q167270)[edit]

trademark (Q167270), methyl methacrylate (Q382897)[edit]

trademark (Q167270), brand (Q431289)[edit]

trademark (Q167270), business enterprise (Q4830453)[edit]

group (Q16887380)[edit]

class (Q16889133)[edit]

project (Q170584)[edit]

computer architecture (Q173212)[edit]

aircraft fleet (Q17372500)[edit]

car marque (Q17412622)[edit]

airborne radar (Q17423303)[edit]

typeface (Q17451)[edit]

aspect of history (Q17524420)[edit]

kriek lambic (Q1756073)[edit]

Arduino (Q175957)[edit]

Arduino (Q175957), Open source hardware (Q159172)[edit]

Märzen (Q1760222)[edit]

triode (Q176129)[edit]

pentode (Q176161)[edit]

pusher (Q1763083)[edit]

Boombox (Q1766961)[edit]

mineral water (Q178921)[edit]

no label (Q18075124)[edit]

android (Q181787)[edit]

chipset (Q182656)[edit]

genetically modified organism (Q182726)[edit]

missile family (Q18487018)[edit]

remote control unit (Q185091)[edit]

video display controller (Q1852898)[edit]

Belt (Q1853245)[edit]

photocopier (Q185369)[edit]

confectionery (Q18646422)[edit]

headphones (Q186819)[edit]

fictional submarine (Q18697071)[edit]

aircraft class (Q1875621)[edit]

manufacturing (Q187939)[edit]

space module (Q18812508)[edit]

space module (Q18812508), Mini-Research Module (Q1936796)[edit]

code (Q188889)[edit]

prank (Q190084), chess computer (Q1364192)[edit]

centerfire (Q190476)[edit]

vase (Q191851)[edit]

Thermostatic radiator valve (Q1933683)[edit]

order (Q193622)[edit]

capital (Q193893)[edit]

sculpture series (Q19479037)[edit]

cigarette brand (Q19509097)[edit]

furniture manufacturer (Q19720069)[edit]

programmable sound generator (Q1995838)[edit]

Air-launched ballistic missile (Q1999884)[edit]

auto racing team (Q20074337)[edit]

animated film (Q202866), animated series (Q581714), miniseries (Q1259759)[edit]

Business telephone system (Q204896)[edit]

siren (Q205234)[edit]

lens mount (Q205722)[edit]

shooting (Q206989)[edit]

motorcycle racing team (Q20784907)[edit]

prototype (Q207977)[edit]

camera parts, features and technologies (Q20888925)[edit]

series (Q20937557)[edit]

trade name (Q2094110)[edit]

system camera (Q209871)[edit]

F-16 Fighting Falcon block (Q20993481)[edit]

nuclear weapons test (Q210112)[edit]

model aircraft (Q210403)[edit]

active pixel sensor (Q210745)[edit]

serial bus (Q21078287)[edit]

quiz show (Q2123557)[edit]

space mission (Q2133344)[edit]

space mission (Q2133344), human spaceflight (Q752783)[edit]

tape recorder (Q213777)[edit]

overhead power line (Q2144320), submarine power cable (Q4117949), high-voltage direct current line (Q370607)[edit]

material (Q214609)[edit]

four-wheel drive (Q214833)[edit]

motocross (Q215862)[edit]

computer terminal (Q216640)[edit]

incunable (Q216665), Bible (Q1845)[edit]

incunable (Q216665), missal (Q833590)[edit]

sculpture material (Q21685333)[edit]

airsoft (Q217108)[edit]

suppressor (Q219699)[edit]

archaeological artifact (Q220659), coin (Q41207)[edit]

avionics (Q221329)[edit]

ship type (Q2235308)[edit]

nail polish (Q223807)[edit]

beer in the Netherlands (Q2247929)[edit]

no label (Q2265431)[edit]

radio programming (Q2296548), radio program (Q1555508)[edit]

vehicle family (Q22999537)[edit]

series of rifles (Q23039048)[edit]

Space Mountain (Q2306380)[edit]

legal case (Q2334719)[edit]

file format (Q235557)[edit]

hardcopy terminal (Q24088922)[edit]

AI accelerator (Q24895600)[edit]

reconnaissance (Q251741)[edit]

manual command to line of sight (Q251859)[edit]

anti-surface warfare (Q2527950)[edit]

processional cross (Q255956), no label (Q29510742)[edit]

no label (Q2583654)[edit]

microarchitecture (Q259864)[edit]

Arduino compatible board (Q26205742)[edit]

Arduino compatible shield (Q26205842)[edit]

Tank classification (Q2621327)[edit]

no label (Q2656483)[edit]

no label (Q2673206)[edit]

Rosa cultivar (Q26817508)[edit]

smart speaker (Q26884850)[edit]

smart speaker (Q26884850), wireless speaker (Q8026900)[edit]

technique (Q2695280)[edit]

season (Q27020041)[edit]

instruction set architecture (Q272683)[edit]

beer in the Czech Republic (Q2749013)[edit]

Riot gun (Q2862119)[edit]

no label (Q2875694)[edit]

aircraft component (Q28816538)[edit]

weapons system (Q28914401)[edit]

Aston Martin DB4 (Q290857)[edit]

Cortex-A High efficiency (Q29167086)[edit]

Internet meme (Q2927074)[edit]

computer model (Q29876482)[edit]

earphones (Q30090726)[edit]

Eurostar (Q3060865)[edit]

technical standard (Q317623)[edit]

painting (Q3305213)[edit]

kiddie coaster (Q3322345)[edit]

Security Camera (Q334415)[edit]

detergent (Q334637)[edit]

Medical food (Q3346517)[edit]

trigger (Q336751)[edit]

Mocha (Q339258)[edit]

quality process (Q3406372)[edit]

amphibious warfare (Q348120)[edit]

website (Q35127)[edit]

website (Q35127), business enterprise (Q4830453)[edit]

vacuum tube (Q3574371)[edit]

Acoustic torpedo (Q3595457)[edit]

roofing (Q361132)[edit]

G 24 (Q367809)[edit]

sign (Q3695082)[edit]

satellite bus (Q372881)[edit]

no label (Q3739392)[edit]

class (Q37517)[edit]

cheese cement (Q37622498)[edit]

tank family (Q37761255)[edit]

Motorcycle fork (Q377709)[edit]

Home Computer (Q3786405)[edit]

Midrange computer (Q380104)[edit]

Aerosani (Q381701)[edit]

Influenza vaccine (Q383260)[edit]

Influenza vaccine (Q383260), subunit vaccine (Q25386796)[edit]

Liquid cold glue (Q38375916)[edit]

Hand truck (Q384580)[edit]

Euro gold and silver commemorative coins (Q384724)[edit]

loudspeaker box (Q390573)[edit]

university (Q3918)[edit]

Real-time computing (Q3988), database (Q8513)[edit]

Apple System on Chips (Q406283)[edit]

no label (Q4072220)[edit]

Airport surveillance radar (Q409037)[edit]

no label (Q4096935)[edit]

no label (Q4097002)[edit]

Standpipe (Q4114147)[edit]

coin (Q41207), archaeological artifact (Q220659)[edit]

coin (Q41207), coins of the United States dollar (Q3253199)[edit]

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)[edit]

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410), given name (Q202444)[edit]

Wikimedia category (Q4167836)[edit]

flavor (Q4173974)[edit]

Pocket pistol (Q4215416)[edit]

no label (Q4229164)[edit]

no label (Q4279251)[edit]

Objective Individual Combat Weapon (Q428360)[edit]

notebook (Q43013)[edit]

brand (Q431289)[edit]

brand (Q431289), trademark (Q167270)[edit]

brand (Q431289), car marque (Q17412622)[edit]

brand (Q431289), chocolaterie (Q762548)[edit]

organization (Q43229)[edit]

organization (Q43229), bicycle-sharing system (Q1358919)[edit]

no label (Q4389307)[edit]

Missile tank (Q4389321)[edit]

water boat (Q43967433)[edit]

space ship family in Star Citizen (Q44188279), ship variant (Q44188331)[edit]

ship variant (Q44188331), Aurora family (Q44188415)[edit]

Constellation family (Q44194571), ship variant (Q44188331)[edit]

sports organization (Q4438121), business enterprise (Q4830453)[edit]

no label (Q4461687)[edit]

no label (Q4461688)[edit]

bakery product (Q4498085)[edit]

Desert Patrol Vehicle (Q450353)[edit]

no label (Q45296117)[edit]

understanding (Q46744), reason (Q178354), idea (Q131841)[edit]

Aereo (Q4687964)[edit]

retail park (Q472577)[edit]

radar (Q47528)[edit]

radar (Q47528), Ground radar (Q5610968)[edit]

business enterprise (Q4830453)[edit]

business enterprise (Q4830453), bottled water (Q1049049)[edit]

business enterprise (Q4830453), subsidiary company (Q658255)[edit]

business enterprise (Q4830453), brick and mortar company (Q726870)[edit]

laboratory (Q483242), International Standard Payload Rack (Q1666941)[edit]

gun barrel (Q487192)[edit]

document (Q49848), card index (Q367680)[edit]

Too many results. 1101 records skipped.

Types statistics[edit]

"Value type organization (Q43229)" violations[edit]

Violations count: 2631