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Constraint violations report for country (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): sovereign state of this item
Data time stamp: (UTC) — Items processed: 7688350
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P17.
Updates overwrite this page. Some may already be fixed since the last update: check RecentChangesLinked.
When incremental dumps and the bot work as planned, items fixed before 07:00 UTC disappear in the next update. The report is not updated if only the item count changes.
The report can include false positives. No need to "fix" them.


"Self link" violations[edit]

Violations count: 254

"Conflicts with" violations[edit]

Violations count: 226

male given name (Q12308941)[edit]

Wikimedia disambiguation page (Q4167410)[edit]

human (Q5)[edit]

human (Q5), human settlement (Q486972)[edit]

ocean (Q9430)[edit]

"Value type sovereign state (Q3624078), client state (Q1151405), occupied territory (Q2577883), disputed territory (Q15239622), state in the Holy Roman Empire (Q26830017), polis (Q148837), ancient Chinese state (Q836688), realm (Q1250464), fictional location (Q3895768), ancient civilization (Q28171280), provisional government (Q59281), country (Q6256)" violations[edit]

Violations count: 2165

British Hong Kong (Q1054923)[edit]

Colony of Virginia (Q1070529)[edit]

Province of Canada (Q1121436)[edit]

Copenhagen Badminton Masters (Q1131040)[edit]

Lower Canada (Q1134180)[edit]

United States Virgin Islands (Q11703)[edit]

Aquitaine (Q1179)[edit]

Puerto Rico (Q1183), United States of America (Q30)[edit]

Canton of Bern (Q11911)[edit]

Greenland (Q125510)[edit]

Latin America (Q12585)[edit]

Santa Susanna (Q12587)[edit]

Tordera (Q12596)[edit]

Saint Martin (Q126125)[edit]

French Southern and Antarctic Lands (Q129003)[edit]

British Raj (Q129286)[edit]

British Raj (Q129286), Pakistan (Q843)[edit]

Colony of Natal (Q1301901)[edit]

Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q130280)[edit]

Heard Island and McDonald Islands (Q131198)[edit]

Spanish (Q1321)[edit]

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q132856)[edit]

Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q132856), Armenia (Q399)[edit]

Montserrat (Q13353)[edit]

Calldetenes (Q13774)[edit]

Taiwan under Japanese rule (Q137816)[edit]

Provisional Priamurye Government (Q1381504)[edit]

no label (Q1392840), Kyivska Rus' (Q1108445), Novgorod Republic (Q151536), Pskov Republic (Q317078)[edit]

Terrassa (Q13939)[edit]

New Jersey (Q1408)[edit]

Gibraltar (Q1410)[edit]

Ubangi-Shari (Q1421888)[edit]

Portuguese Timor (Q142965)[edit]

France (Q142), Provence (Q101081)[edit]

France (Q142), Holy Roman Empire (Q12548), Liguria (Q1256), Kingdom of France (Q70972), Kingdom of Burgundy (Q530670), Gaul (Q38060), County of Provence (Q2991382)[edit]

France (Q142), New Caledonia (Q33788)[edit]

France (Q142), Jersey (Q785)[edit]

France (Q142), Jersey (Q785), Guernsey (Q25230)[edit]

Rajasthan (Q1437)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), France (Q142), Guernsey (Q25230), Jersey (Q785)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (Q192184)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), Annaatje (Q21146418)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), Anguilla (Q25228)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), Glasgow (Q4093)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), Cayman Islands (Q5785)[edit]

United Kingdom (Q145), Jersey (Q785)[edit]

Macau (Q14773)[edit]

People's Republic of China (Q148), Macau (Q14773)[edit]

People's Republic of China (Q148), Inner Mongolia (Q41079), Heilongjiang (Q19206), Russia (Q159), Sakha Republic (Q6605), flag of Krasnoyarsk Krai (Q2993812), Krasnoyarsk Krai (Q6563), Evenkiysky District (Q831406), Khabarovsk Krai (Q7788), Buryat Republic (Q6809), Amur Oblast (Q6886), Zabaykalsky Krai (Q6838), Irkutsk Oblast (Q6585), Mongolia (Q711)[edit]

People's Republic of China (Q148), Cayman Islands (Q5785)[edit]

Soviet Union (Q15180), Commonwealth of Independent States (Q7779)[edit]

Athens (Q1524)[edit]

German South-West Africa (Q153665)[edit]

German East Africa (Q153963)[edit]

La Garriga (Q15415)[edit]

Granera (Q15418)[edit]

Saldes (Q15537)[edit]

Brazil (Q155), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Brazil (Q155), African Union (Q7159)[edit]

Hindi (Q1568)[edit]

County of Flanders (Q157070)[edit]

Russia (Q159), Commonwealth of Independent States (Q7779)[edit]

Oklahoma (Q1649)[edit]

Guam (Q16635)[edit]

Northern Mariana Islands (Q16644)[edit]

Canada (Q16), Upper Canada (Q795427)[edit]

Canada (Q16), Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

Martinique (Q17054)[edit]

Republic of Texas (Q170588), Yucatán (Q60176)[edit]

Mayotte (Q17063)[edit]

Réunion (Q17070)[edit]

Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), Transylvania (Q39473)[edit]

Tibet (Q17252)[edit]

Byblos (Q173532)[edit]

Japan (Q17), Latin America (Q12585)[edit]

Japan (Q17), China (Q29520)[edit]

Japan (Q17), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Japan (Q17), Europe (Q46), North America (Q49)[edit]

Vileyka (Q181632)[edit]

Turks and Caicos Islands (Q18221)[edit]

Germany (Q183), Schleswig-Holstein (Q1194)[edit]

Germany (Q183), France (Q142), Italy (Q19113443)[edit]

Germany (Q183), Germany (Q183), Vatican City (Q237), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Germany (Q183), United States of America (Q30), Project:Verifiability (Q79951), Canada (Q16), Brazil (Q155), Australia (Q408), Argentina (Q414), Russia (Q159), Kazakhstan (Q232), Poland (Q36), Chile (Q298), Romania (Q218), Sweden (Q34), Ukraine (Q212), Czech Republic (Q213), Belarus (Q184), Azerbaijan (Q227), Tajikistan (Q863)[edit]

Germany (Q183), Landgraviate of Hesse (Q695322)[edit]

French Indochina (Q185682)[edit]

Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic (Q186888)[edit]

Dutch East Indies (Q188161)[edit]

Dutch East Indies (Q188161), Dutch Republic (Q170072)[edit]

Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Q190353)[edit]

Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q192180)[edit]

Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q192180), Soviet Union (Q15180)[edit]

Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (Q192184)[edit]

Ubykhia (Q1972816), Russian Empire (Q34266), Turkey (Q43)[edit]

Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (Q199711), Soviet Union (Q15180)[edit]

Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (Q199711), Tajikistan (Q863)[edit]

Salamis Island (Q202422)[edit]

Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Kingdom of Hungary (Q600018), Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Austria-Hungary (Q28513), Austrian Empire (Q131964), Habsburg Empire (Q153136), Principality of Transylvania (Q655621), Eastern Hungarian Kingdom (Q625380), Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), First Hungarian Republic (Q516160), Romanian People's Republic (Q2685298), Socialist Republic of Romania (Q842794), Romania (Q218)[edit]

Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Kingdom of Hungary (Q600018), Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), First Hungarian Republic (Q516160), Austria-Hungary (Q28513), Austrian Empire (Q131964), Habsburg Empire (Q153136), Principality of Transylvania (Q655621), Ottoman Empire (Q12560), Principality of Transylvania (Q655621), Eastern Hungarian Kingdom (Q625380), Kingdom of Hungary (Q171150), Romanian People's Republic (Q2685298), Socialist Republic of Romania (Q842794), Romania (Q218)[edit]

Iraqi Kurdistan (Q205047)[edit]

Timurid dynasty (Q20737645), Mughal Empire (Q33296)[edit]

Pahlavi dynasty (Q207991)[edit]

Moldavia (Q209754)[edit]

Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (Q210036), Caucasus Emirate (Q58826)[edit]

Viceroyalty of Perú (Q211435)[edit]

Latvia (Q211), Russia (Q159), Western Europe (Q27496), United States of America (Q30), Australia (Q408)[edit]

Aruba (Q21203), Curaçao (Q25279), Bonaire (Q25396)[edit]

Ukraine (Q212), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Czech Republic (Q213), Moravia (Q43266)[edit]

Moldova (Q217), Russian Empire (Q34266), Kingdom of Romania (Q203493), Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q170895), Moldavian Democratic Republic (Q964024)[edit]

Moldova (Q217), European Union (Q458)[edit]

French Algeria (Q218272)[edit]

Romania (Q218), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Palestine (Q219060), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Tristan da Cunha (Q220982)[edit]

Dutch Brazil (Q221357)[edit]

Greenland (Q223), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Taiwan Island (Q22502)[edit]

Troy (Q22647)[edit]

Principality of Khachen (Q2268869), Ostikanate of Arminiya (Q2981019)[edit]

Azerbaijan (Q227), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Peru (Q228355)[edit]

Ireland (Q22890)[edit]

Andorra (Q228), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Georgia (Q230), China (Q29520)[edit]

Georgia (Q230), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Srbija (Q2315102)[edit]

Kazakhstan (Q232), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Monaco (Q235), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Bermuda (Q23635)[edit]

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Q23681), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Vatican City (Q237), European Union (Q458)[edit]

38 (Q23847)[edit]

San Marino (Q238), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Cuba (Q241), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Italy in the Middle Ages (Q2480041)[edit]

Anguilla (Q25228)[edit]

Guernsey (Q25230), Jersey (Q785)[edit]

Indonesia (Q252), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Indonesia (Q252), West Papua Province (Q5096)[edit]

Pichilemu (Q25304)[edit]

British Virgin Islands (Q25305)[edit]

Saint-Barthélemy (Q25362)[edit]

Saint Martin (Q25596)[edit]

international waters (Q25855)[edit]

Old Montenegro (Q2585734)[edit]

South Africa (Q258), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Sint Eustatius (Q26180)[edit]

Bagratid Armenia (Q2622868), Ostikanate of Arminiya (Q2981019)[edit]

Algeria (Q262), French Algeria (Q218272)[edit]

Phocis (Q2637650)[edit]

Emperor of China (Q268218)[edit]

Romanian People's Republic (Q2685298)[edit]

Romanian People's Republic (Q2685298), Socialist Republic of Romania (Q842794)[edit]

Aetolia (Q26857)[edit]

Eastern Europe (Q27468)[edit]

Achaea (Q2790451)[edit]

Inggris (Q27909341)[edit]

ancient Paphos (Q27955760)[edit]

Equador (Q27979658)[edit]

Ireland (Q27), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Portuguese Angola (Q2826232)[edit]

Kaski District (Q28436)[edit]

Lübeck (Q2843)[edit]

Hungary (Q28), Hungarian (Q9067)[edit]

China (Q29520)[edit]

China (Q29520), Japan (Q17)[edit]

Ostikanate of Arminiya (Q2981019)[edit]

Spain (Q29), Spanish Guinea (Q1232509)[edit]

Spain (Q29), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Spain (Q29), Andorra (Q228), Captaincy General of Cuba (Q2039931), Captaincy General of the Philippines (Q2721139), Captaincy General of Puerto Rico (Q541745), Ifni (Q763141), Western Sahara (Q6250), Spanish Protectorate in Morocco (Q457242), Equatorial Guinea (Q983)[edit]

Spain (Q29), Sants-Montjuïc (Q753075)[edit]

Florinas (Q30025756)[edit]

country of spy (Q30148434)[edit]

country of scout (Q30148472)[edit]

French Polynesia (Q30971)[edit]

French Polynesia (Q30971), France (Q142)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Colony of Virginia (Q1070529)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Latin America (Q12585), South Asia (Q771405), North Asia (Q27329), Middle East (Q7204)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Macau (Q14773)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Republic of Vietnam (Q180573), French Indochina (Q185682)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Province of North Carolina (Q2334526), Province of Carolina (Q1044394)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), European Union (Q458)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Powhatan (Q49291), Colony of Virginia (Q1070529)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Template:Es icon (Q5617229)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Cayman Islands (Q5785)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), tribe (Q7840353)[edit]

United States of America (Q30), Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

Upper Mesopotamia (Q311819)[edit]

Antigua (Q316390), The Bahamas (Q778), Belize (Q242), Dominica (Q784), Jamaica (Q766), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Q763), Trinidad and Tobago (Q754)[edit]

Arab Caliphate (Q3181749)[edit]

Lusatia (Q32530)[edit]

Brittany (Q327), Japan (Q17)[edit]

Seventeen Provinces (Q330533)[edit]

Netherland (Q3338517)[edit]

Lapith (Q334794)[edit]

New Caledonia (Q33788)[edit]

New Caledonia (Q33788), France (Q142)[edit]

New Caledonia (Q33788), Wallis and Futuna (Q35555)[edit]

Berchidda (Q340658), Italy (Q38)[edit]

Russian Empire (Q34266), Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q130229)[edit]

Russian Empire (Q34266), no label (Q7744610), Ukrainian People's Republic (Q243610), Russian Republic (Q139319), Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Q133356), Soviet Union (Q15180)[edit]

Crete (Q34374)[edit]

international association football clubs cup (Q34542757)[edit]

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Q34617)[edit]

Liechtenstein (Q347), European Union (Q458)[edit]

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Q35086)[edit]

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Q35086), United Kingdom (Q145)[edit]

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (Q35086), United Kingdom (Q145), Chile (Q298)[edit]

Kuwait City (Q35178)[edit]

Wallis and Futuna (Q35555)[edit]

Wallis and Futuna (Q35555), France (Q142)[edit]

Pitcairn Islands (Q35672)[edit]

Denmark (Q35), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Q36004)[edit]

Queensland (Q36074), Australia (Q408)[edit]

Tokelau (Q36823)[edit]

Java (Q3757)[edit]

French Guiana (Q3769)[edit]

Ibero-America (Q377916)[edit]

New Netherland (Q382593)[edit]

New Netherland (Q382593), United States of America (Q30)[edit]

Columbia (Q38453)[edit]

Italy (Q38), Abruzzo (Q1284), Ciociaria (Q131886)[edit]

Italy (Q38), Syracuse (Q13670), Ortygia (Q1233234)[edit]

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460)[edit]

Italy (Q38), Sicily (Q1460), Syracuse (Q13670)[edit]

Italy (Q38), Grand Duchy of Tuscany (Q154849), Duchy of Lucca (Q158290)[edit]

no label (Q3919363)[edit]

Bohemia (Q39193)[edit]

Bohemia (Q39193), Austria (Q40)[edit]

Republic of Kalmykia (Q3953)[edit]

Armenia (Q399), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Switzerland (Q39), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Australia (Q408), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Australia (Q408), Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

International Olympic Committee (Q40970)[edit]

Austria (Q40), Bohemia (Q39193)[edit]

Kurdistan (Q41470)[edit]

Argentina (Q414), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Argentina (Q414), European Union (Q458)[edit]

España (Q417370)[edit]

no label (Q4214448), Ottoman Empire (Q12560), Russian Empire (Q34266)[edit]

Channel Islands (Q42314)[edit]

North Korea (Q423), European Union (Q458)[edit]

North Korea (Q423), Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

North Korea (Q423), Hong Kong (Q8646), India (Q668)[edit]

Donetsk (Q43070), South Ossetia (Q23427)[edit]

British Indian Ocean Territory (Q43448)[edit]

no label (Q4398533)[edit]

Turkey (Q43), Aeolis (Q255325)[edit]

Turkey (Q43), Kurdistan (Q41470)[edit]

Turkey (Q43), Anatolia (Q51614)[edit]

Turkey (Q43), Cilicia (Q620864)[edit]

Turkey (Q43), Mysia (Q622319), Achaemenid Empire (Q389688), Lydia (Q620765)[edit]

no label (Q4527461)[edit]

Czech Silesia (Q45551), Bohemia (Q39193), Moravia (Q43266)[edit]

Adjara (Q45693), Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (Q131083)[edit]

European Union (Q458)[edit]

European Union (Q458), United Nations (Q1065)[edit]

European Union (Q458), Tunisia (Q948)[edit]

Faroe Islands (Q4628), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Myrmidons (Q466830)[edit]

Europe (Q46)[edit]

Europe (Q46), Malaysia (Q833)[edit]

Albania and Greece (Q4709037)[edit]

Annaly (Q4767879)[edit]

Korea under Japanese rule (Q503585)[edit]

Korea under Japanese rule (Q503585), Empire of Japan (Q188712)[edit]

Cochinchina (Q505503), Tonkin (Q622778), Annam (Q10828323), History of Laos to 1945 (Q1320058), French Protectorate of Cambodia (Q3173090), Guangzhouwan (Q1506615)[edit]

Colony of New Zealand (Q5148518)[edit]

Huahine (Q521020)[edit]

Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (Q5237)[edit]

European Economic Community (Q52847)[edit]

European Economic Community (Q52847), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Australian (Q532611)[edit]

Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia (Q533558)[edit]

Captaincy General of Puerto Rico (Q541745)[edit]

Chuvash Republic (Q5466), Russia (Q159)[edit]

Netherlands (Q55), Dutch East Indies (Q188161)[edit]

Netherlands (Q55), The Hague (Q36600), Haagse Bos (Q2663130), Malieveld (Q2603617), no label (Q2194264)[edit]

Republic of Bashkortostan (Q5710)[edit]

Azpirotz-Lezaeta (Q5715117)[edit]

Cayman Islands (Q5785)[edit]

Canary Islands (Q5813)[edit]

Shit, Zanjan (Q5904311)[edit]

later period of the First Hellenic Republic (Q6030627)[edit]

Dubai (Q612)[edit]

Ionia (Q620874)[edit]

Paphlagonia (Q622032)[edit]

Mysia (Q622319)[edit]

Aram-Naharaim (Q625636)[edit]

Cyprus (Q644636)[edit]

Margraviate of Baden (Q650489), Grand Duchy of Baden (Q186320), Grand Duchy of Baden (Q186320)[edit]

Ancient Elis (Q6536845)[edit]

Großlittgen (Q656098)[edit]

Southern Netherlands (Q6581823)[edit]

Iolcos (Q662613)[edit]

India (Q668), British Raj (Q129286)[edit]

India (Q668), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Vanuatu (Q686), New Caledonia (Q33788)[edit]

Palau (Q695), Guam (Q16635)[edit]

Predynastic Period of Egypt (Q714601), no label (Q4161872), Ptolemaic Kingdom (Q2320005), Egypt (Q202311), Byzantine Egypt (Q17302295), Egypt (Q79)[edit]

Arab League (Q7172), Russia (Q159)[edit]

Arab League (Q7172), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Arab League (Q7172), Iran (Q794)[edit]

Venezuela (Q717), Colombia (Q739), Ecuador (Q736), Brazil (Q155), Peru (Q419), Bolivia (Q750), Dominican Republic (Q786), Spain (Q29), Uruguay (Q77), Guatemala (Q774), Nicaragua (Q811), Italy (Q38), Honduras (Q783), Paraguay (Q733), Haiti (Q12766653), Argentina (Q414), Madagascar (Q1019), Chad (Q657), Chile (Q298), Panama (Q232178), El Salvador (Q792)[edit]

Cretan State (Q72785)[edit]

Suriname (Q730), French Guiana (Q3769)[edit]

Southern Rhodesia (Q750583)[edit]

Southern Rhodesia (Q750583), Rhodesia (Q217169)[edit]

Attica Region (Q758056)[edit]

Congo Free State (Q76048), Belgian Congo (Q213510), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Q974)[edit]

Jamaica (Q766), Cayman Islands (Q5785)[edit]

South Asia (Q771405)[edit]

ASEAN (Q7768), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Antigua and Barbuda (Q781), Dominica (Q784), Grenada (Q769), Saint Kitts and Nevis (Q763), Saint Lucia (Q760), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Q757), Anguilla (Q25228), Montserrat (Q13353)[edit]

Hawaii (Q782), Tahiti (Q42000)[edit]

Jersey (Q785)[edit]

Jersey (Q785), Guernsey (Q25230)[edit]

Iran (Q794), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Iran (Q794), Iraq (Q796), Bahrain (Q398), Kuwait (Q817), Dari (Q178440), Afghanistan (Q889), Pakistan (Q843), Tajik (Q9260), Tajikistan (Q863)[edit]

Iraq (Q796), Iraqi Kurdistan (Q205047)[edit]

Iraq (Q796), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Israel (Q801), Tibet (Q17252)[edit]

Israel (Q801), Kurdistan (Q41470)[edit]

Israel (Q801), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Israel (Q801), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Q7184)[edit]

Yemen (Q805), Ad Dali' Governorate (Q328187)[edit]

Yemen (Q805), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Spanish Empire (Q80702), Viceroyalty of New Spain (Q170603)[edit]

Spanish Empire (Q80702), no label (Q9063401)[edit]

Jordan (Q810), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Manchuria (Q81126)[edit]

Beiyang Government (Q814959)[edit]

Alava (Q81801)[edit]

México (Q82112)[edit]

Caroline Island (Q822151)[edit]

Lebanon (Q822), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Danish West Indies (Q829655)[edit]

Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Q83286), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q225), Austro-Hungarian rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Q609233), Austria-Hungary (Q28513)[edit]

Malaysia (Q833), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Nepal (Q837), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Right-bank Ukraine (Q842604), Ottoman Empire (Q12560)[edit]

Socialist Republic of Romania (Q842794), Romanian People's Republic (Q2685298)[edit]

Svalbard and Jan Mayen (Q842829)[edit]

Pakistan (Q843), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Pakistan (Q843), Dominion of Pakistan (Q2006542), British Raj (Q129286), Mughal Empire (Q33296)[edit]

Pakistan (Q843), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Pakistan (Q843), Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

Classical Athens (Q844930), coastal trittys (Q13422906)[edit]

Qatar (Q846), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Saudi Arabia (Q851), Kosovo Region (Q1231)[edit]

Sri Lanka (Q854), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Syria (Q858), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Syria (Q858), Lebanon (Q822), Iraq (Q796), Palestine (Q219060), Jordan (Q810), Kuwait (Q817), Cyprus (Q644636)[edit]

Saint-Domingue (Q861551)[edit]

Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

Hong Kong (Q8646), United Kingdom (Q145)[edit]

Hong Kong (Q8646), Macau (Q14773)[edit]

Hong Kong (Q8646), Singapore (Q334)[edit]

Hong Kong (Q8646), Thailand (Q869)[edit]

Hong Kong (Q8646), Philippines (Q928)[edit]

Taiwan (Q865), Hong Kong (Q8646)[edit]

Roman Gaul (Q879466)[edit]

Vietnam (Q881), Sip Song Chau Tai (Q1768188)[edit]

Vietnam (Q881), Lạng Sơn (Q33383), Thái Nguyên (Q26575), Quảng Ninh (Q33396), Bac Ninh (Q33408), Bac Giang (Q36367)[edit]

Rhenish Franconia (Q883220)[edit]

South Korea (Q884), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

South Korea (Q884), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Bangladesh (Q902), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Bangladesh (Q902), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Bangladesh (Q902), Pakistan (Q843), Dominion of Pakistan (Q2006542), British Raj (Q129286)[edit]

no label (Q9063401)[edit]

Paris (Q90)[edit]

Angola (Q916), Portuguese Angola (Q2826232)[edit]

Bhutan (Q917), Samtse District (Q728917)[edit]

British Guiana (Q918126)[edit]

British Ceylon (Q918153)[edit]

British Ceylon (Q918153), Dominion of Ceylon (Q2670092)[edit]

Mandarin Chinese (Q9192)[edit]

British West Indies (Q920396)[edit]

British West Indies (Q920396), British Guiana (Q918126), Jamaica (Q766)[edit]

Philippines (Q928), Holy See (Q159583)[edit]

Philippines (Q928), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Lesser Antilles (Q93259), Guyana (Q734)[edit]

Biscay (Q93366)[edit]

Gipuzkoa (Q95010)[edit]

Northern Rhodesia (Q953903)[edit]

Benin (Q962), French Dahomey (Q797505)[edit]

Mexico (Q96), European Union (Q458)[edit]

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Q974), Belgian Congo (Q213510)[edit]

Democratic Republic of the Congo (Q974), Zaire (Q6500954), Republic of the Congo (Q618399), Belgian Congo (Q213510), Congo Free State (Q76048), International Association of the Congo (Q838416)[edit]

Equatorial Guinea (Q983), Spanish Guinea (Q1232509)[edit]

Margate (Q989468)[edit]

Types statistics[edit]

"Allowed qualifiers" violations[edit]

Violations count: 160

Properties statistics[edit]

"Target required claim country (P17)" violations[edit]

Violations count: 600528