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Wikidata menawarkan salinan kandungan yang tersedia untuk sesiapa sahaja untuk dimuat turun.

Sila ambil perhatian terdapat juga beberapa kaedah lain untuk mencapai kandungan berstruktur daripada Wikidata, yang mungkin tidak memerlukan longgokan pangkalan data yang lengkap.

Longgokan pangkalan data

Terdapat beberapa jenis longgokan data tersedia. Ambil perhatian bahawa longgokan JSON dan RDF dianggap sebagai "antara muka yang stabil", longgokan XML pula adalah tidak. Perubahan kepada format-format data yang digunakan oleh antara muka stabil adalah tertakluk kepada Dasar Antara Muka Stabil.

<span id="JSON_dumps_(recommended)_">

Longgokan JSON (disyorkan)

JSON dumps containing all Wikidata entities in a single JSON array can be found under The entities in the array are not necessarily in any particular order, e.g., Q2 doesn't necessarily follow Q1. The dumps are being created on a weekly basis.

This is the recommended dump format. Please refer to the JSON structure documentation for information about how Wikidata entities are represented.

Hint: Each entity object (data item or property) is placed on a separate line in the JSON file, so the file can be read line by line, and each line can be decoded separately as an individual JSON object.

Note that the files are using parallel compression, which means that some decompressors cannot reliably unpack the files. If you are using Windows you can use e.g. Bzip2. On *nix systems, use lbzip2 which can decompress Bzip2 in parallel. pbzip2 is not a good choice because it is not able to decompress in parallel files not compressed with pbzip2.

You can currently download a fairly recent dump using a torrent. wikidata-20220103-all.json.gz (109.04 GiB) on ( magnet)

JsonDumpReader merupakan perpustakaan PHP untuk membaca isi longgokan.

Longgokan RDF

First, canonical RDF dumps using the Turtle and NTriples formats can be found under The mapping is described here. These full statements are noted as all.

Secondly, so called truthy dumps are provided. They use the nt format. They are in the same format as the full dumps, but limited to direct, truthy statements. Therefore, they do not contain meta data such as qualifiers and references.

The -all dump files contain all entity information in Wikidata with the exception of order (of aliases, of statements, etc.), which is not naturally represented in RDF. The -truthy dump files encode the *best* statements (i.e. the ones with the highest rank of each given (subject, property) pairs) as single RDF triples (qualifiers and references are omitted).

The dumps of Wikidata Lexeme namespace in Turtle and NTriples formats can be found in the same place with lexemes suffix.

For details on the RDF dump format please see the page RDF Dump Format.

Partial RDF dumps

WDumper is a third-party tool to create custom Wikidata RDF dumps. Entities and statements may be filtered.

Longgokan XML

Longgokan XML penuh Wikidata boleh dijumpai di

Warning: The format of the JSON data embedded in the XML dumps is subject to change without notice, and may be inconsistent between revisions. It should be treated as opaque binary data. It is strongly recommended to use the JSON or RDF dumps instead, which use canonical representations of the data!

Incremental dumps (or Add/Change dumps) for Wikidata are also available for download. These dumps contain stuff that was added in the last 24 hours, reducing the need of having to download the full database dump. These dumps are considerably smaller than the full database dumps

Ia boleh dijumpai di

Longgokan JSON dan RDF lama

Longgokan RDF dan JSON yang lama boleh dijumpai di Internet Archive (Q461):

Model data

Model data boleh dicari di sini. Model data menjelaskan blok binaan asas bagi data Wikidata.

Skema pangkalan data

Gambaran keseluruhan skema pangkalan data boleh dijumpai di laman ini. (Ini bukanlah skema data di Wikidata)


These databases can be used for personal or commercial use, backups or offline use. All structured data from the main, Property, Lexeme, and EntitySchema namespace is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License. Text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. Media items and other content are available under other licenses, as detailed on their description pages.

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