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Data import guide
This guide has been created for anyone wishing to import data into Wikidata.

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Importing data into Wikidata requires many skills, however the process can be broken down into individual steps. This means that the Wikidata community can work together to import data. The prerequisite skills to get started importing data are:

  • Creating and editing wiki pages.
  • Interacting with Wikidata community members.
  • Moving information into a spreadsheet and duplicating sheets within a spreadsheet - additional helpful skills are listed in Step 6.

The process of uploading data to Wikidata can be broken down into the following steps which can be broken down further into the following stages:

Preparing the data requires minimal technical skills and importing data into Wikidata can be done by either requesting the data be imported by bot (highly recommended) or by importing it yourself (only for experts and not yet documented).

Step 1: Choose data to import

Step 2: Start a data import

Step 3: Import the data into a spreadsheet

Step 4: Define the structure of the data in Wikidata

Step 5: Format the data to be imported

Step 6: Choose how to import the data

Step 7: Match the data to Wikidata

Step 8: Add the data to Wikidata

Step 9: Check the data import

Step 10: Summarise the import