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This is the WikiProject which must ensure that articles on the most important elements of cultural heritage are created and have all existing interwiki links.

The scope and functioning of the WikiProject is currently under debate.


Import as much data as possible about our cultural heritage, thus making the Monuments database in its current form obsolete.



In some countries[edit]

Some things that are also possible (but not in all countries yet):

  • Add the type of building
  • Add the type of cultural property (e.g. content of archives)


Empty mapping table: User:Mattias Östmar (WMSE)/how to map WLM data/empty mapping tables

Country code link to monument database lang Main article/item about type of heritage Link to main list Creation method Link to original source item original source Item heritage status identifier property Mapping table link Status Contact person Remarks
ad ad ca Llista de monuments d'Andorra ad_(ca)
am am hy am_(hy)
aq aq en aq_(en)
ar ar es Monumentos nacionales de Argentina ar_(es)
at at de at_(de)
be be-bru nl be-bru_(nl)
be be-vlg en Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage relict ID (P1764) be-vlg_(en)
be be-vlg fr Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage relict ID (P1764) be-vlg_(fr)
be be-vlg nl Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage relict ID (P1764) be-vlg_(nl)
be be-wal en be-wal_(en)
be be-wal fr be-wal_(fr)
be be-wal nl be-wal_(nl)
by by be-x-old cultural properties of Belarus reference number (P632) by_(be-x-old)
ca ca en/fr heritage place of Canada (Q14469659) Canadian Register of Historic Places ID (P477) ca_(en/fr) Exemples : Q99290 (NB), Q168737 (QC)
Détails : Wikidata talk:WikiProject Cultural heritage#Monuments Canada
ca ca-ab en historic resource (Q14465882) Alberta Register of Historic Places ID (P759) ca-ab_(en)
ca ca-qc fr Quebec cultural heritage (Q3370013) Québec cultural heritage directory ID (P633) ca-qc_(fr)
ch ch-A en/de/fr/it Swiss cultural property of national significance (A objects) PCP reference number (P381) ch-A_(en/de/fr/it) Sample items: Q246924 (TI), Q334003 (FR), Q10612914 (UR) . "Swiss Heritage Sites" shouldn't be included (see below). Items for categorized WP articles created from fr, de
ch ch-B en/de/fr/it Swiss cultural property of regional significance (B objects) PCP reference number (P381) ch-B_(en/de/fr/it) Sample item: Q12126917 (TI), Q12127041 (VD), Q435682 (AG)
ch ch-SHS en/de/fr/it Swiss Heritage Site ch-SHS_(en/de/fr/it)
cl cl es Monumentos nacionales de Chile cl_(es)
co co es co_(es)
cz cz cs Cultural monument of Czech republic List of cultural monumentts in Czech republic Czech cultural heritage ID (P762) cz_(cs)
de de-by de de-by_(de)
de de-he de de-he_(de)
de de-nrw de de-nrw_(de)
de de-nrw-bm de de-nrw-bm_(de)
de de-nrw-k de de-nrw-k_(de)
dk dk-bygning da dk-bygning_(da)
dk dk-fortids da dk-fortids_(da)
ee ee et Estonian cultural monument ID (P2948) ee_(et)
es es ca es_(ca)
es es es es_(es)
es es gl es_(gl)
fr fr ca monument historique (Q916475) Mérimée ID (P380) fr_(ca)
fr fr fr monument historique (Q916475) Mérimée ID (P380) fr_(fr)
gb gb-eng en National Heritage List for England number (P1216) gb-eng_(en) Items for 31122 building and 19771 monuments created.
gb gb-nir en NIEA building ID (P1460) gb-nir_(en) Items for 803 building created.
gb gb-sct en Historic Scotland ID (P709) gb-sct_(en) Items for 41762 building and 572 monuments created.

Have two databases!

gb gb-wls en Cadw Building ID (P1459) gb-wls_(en) Items for 2594 building and 54 monuments created.
gh gh en gh_(en)
ie ie en ie_(en)
il il he il_(he)
in in en Monument of National Importance (Q17047615) State Protected Monument (Q17047640) ASI Monument ID (P1371) in_(en) Please refer to this subpage for ASI Monuments. Completed Nationally recognized mounments in Andhra Pradesh, Anurachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh
ir ir fa Iranian National Heritage (Q5958900) Iranian National Heritage (Q5958900) Iranian National Heritage registration number (P1369) ir_(fa) Please refer to this subpage for ASI Monuments. Completed Nationally recognized mounments in Andhra Pradesh, Anurachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, and Chhattisgarh
it it it it_(it)
it it-88 ca it-88_(ca)
it it-bz de it-bz_(de)
ke ke en ke_(en)
lu lu lb lu_(lb)
mt mt de mt_(de)
mx mx es mx_(es)
nl nl nl Rijksmonument (Q916333) Imported from official database, manually updated [1] Dutch register of monuments (Q7477362) Rijksmonument (Q916333) Rijksmonument ID (P359) nl_(nl) identifier property, constraint validation
nl nl-gem nl municipal monument (Q2650048) Imported from multiple sources, one per municipality n/a n/a municipal monument (Q2650048) nl-gem_(nl)
no no no-nb/no-nn/se Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage/Riksantikvaren Kulturminne ID (P758) no_(no-nb/no-nn/se) Proposal for wikidata property, local template nb:mal:Kulturminne created for with the goal of having a bot moving IDs to wikidata.
pa pa es pa_(es)
ph ph en ph_(en)
pl pl pl pl_(pl)
pt pt pt pt_(pt)
ro ro ro ro_(ro)
ru ru ru Russian cultural heritage register rs_(sr) Building up, voy:ru:Культурное наследие России
rs rs sr ru_(ru)
se se-bbr sv Byggnadsminne se-bbr_(sv)
se se-fornmin sv Fornminnesregistret se-fornmin_(sv)
sk sk de sk_(de)
sk sk sk sk_(sk)
sl sl Cultural monument of Slovenia
Registry of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia
Slovene Cultural Heritage Register ID (P1587) sl_() See User:Yerpo for the full infrastructure. Raw list of objects is not publicly available, so it's not possible to set up a database.
ua ua uk ua_(uk)
world unesco en World Heritage Site (Q9259) Crowdsourced on Wikipedia [2] World Heritage Site ID (P757) unesco_(en)
us us en National Register of Historic Places ✓ Done Multichill (talk) 23:06, 27 April 2013 (UTC) NRHP reference number (P649) us_(en)
us us-ca en us-ca_(en)
za za en za_(en)

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