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This page describes what coordinates tracking is and how it should work. At the moment every Wikipedia has location information stored locally. Wikidata items also contain location information for a lot of items using coordinate location (P625). This data should be compared to add missing coordinates to Wikidata, to fix errors and to improve quality of coordinates here.

Several possibilities

  1. Coordinate on Wikipedia, but not in Wikidata (Category:Coordinates not on Wikidata (Q15181099)) -> import it
  2. Coordinate on Wikipedia and on Wikidata (Category:Coordinates on Wikidata (Q15181105)). Two options:
    1. Coordinate on Wikipedia and on Wikidata and both are exactly the same -> do nothing
    2. Coordinate on Wikipedia and on Wikidata, but these coordinates are not the same. This is where it gets interesting.
  3. Coordinate on Wikidata, but not on Wikipedia. -> ?

Comparing two coordinates is going to be a challenge. Obvious errors (wrong part of our earth) are easy to spot, but two coordinates a meter apart shouldn't be showing up as an error. We should make a coordinate compare function in lua that takes into account the precision (/zoom) and has thresholds to not get (too many) false positives. Once we have that we can start improving our coordinate data.

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