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This page describes what Commons category tracking is and how you can enable it in your Wikipedia.


Most Wikipedia's use Template:Commons category (Q48029) (and variants) to link articles and categories to Wikimedia Commons. This data should be imported to Wikidata and differences should be fixed. To do this the template needs to be altered to enable several tracking categories:

Enable it[edit]

  1. Import en:Module:StringReplace to your local Wikipedia and link it with Module:StringReplace (Q13382852)
  2. Copy the code added in this diff to your local Template:Commons category (Q48029) and translate the category names (and Module:StringReplace (Q13382852) if you gave it a different name)
  3. Create the (translated) categories and link them to the relevant Wikidata items
  4. Wait for it to populate
  5. Starting fixing!