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List of bots after operator, primary function, framework and availability.


Name Operator Active Function Framework Source Comment
AvocatoBot Avocato Yes
BeneBot* Bene* Yes DotNetDataBot
BetaBot Beta16 Yes
BinBot Bináris
BraveBot Bravefoot
Choboty ChongDae Yes Python Wikipedia Robot Framework
Dexbot Ladsgroup Yes importing items and changing statements Pywikibot
EdwardsBot MZMcBride
ElphiBot Elph
FuzzyBot system Translate Extension
GPUBot GautierPoupeau Yes Import data from dbpedia (en, nl, it, fr, es). Pywikibot GitHub
Hazard-Bot Hazard-SJ Yes Multiple Pywikibot GitHub See bot's user page for more details of tasks
Innocent bot Lavallen
JAnDbot JAn Dudík Yes Importing interwiki and labels; descriptions, statements Pywikibot modification of User:Reza1615/BOT/new
KLBot2 Kizar Yes Import iw links and eswiki descriptions Pywikibot
Legobot Legoktm Yes
Makecat-bot Makecat Yes Pywikibot
MerlBot Merlissimo Yes
MerlIwBot Merlissimo Yes Approved, but no bot flag
Nullzerobot Nullzero
Ra-bot-nik Art-top
ReimannBot FelixReimann Yes taxonomic data Pywikibot
Rezabot Reza1615 User:Reza1615/BOT/new
SamoaBot Ricordisamoa Yes various Pywikibot core branch Git repo
Shuaib-bot محمد شعيب Yes Pywikibot User:Reza1615/BOT/new
ShonagonBot Shonagon Yes Import artworks data from dbpedia. Pywikibot personal website
Sk!dbot Sk!d Yes updated/maintain claims, create new items Pywikibot
SLiuBot Stevenliuyi Yes add statements Pywikibot
ThieolBot Thieol Yes fr descriptions and labels Python own source semi-automatic bot
ValterVBot ValterVB Yes Descriptions, labels and statements heavily modified version of DotNetDataBot
ZaBOTka Zanka

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