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Titodutta (talkcontribs)

Hello, what is the reasons of this edit?

The project was looking good suddenly your removed content

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

There is a limitation in the Wikidata list template that allows only on table per page. While the main project page was looking better earlier, breaking it down into sub pages helps me work on it better :)

I'll be doing some work to make it look good again later :)

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

@Titodutta I've made some changes again. Following what I did with the Delhi Metro project, I am keeping the queries and properties on the main project page, and using the sub-page only for the wikidata list. Hopefully that makes both the page look better and working with the project.

I'll be changing the actual content of the project page too. Its lacking in general information that could help a contributor.

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Titodutta (talkcontribs)

Thanks for adding the query on the query library. It would be great if you can contribute to Wikidata:WikiProject India.I have added myself as a participant in the WD:ISRO (create the shortcut perhaps?). Please let me know if you questions.

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

Joined the project :)

Created the shortcuts too, thanks for the tip!

Titodutta (talkcontribs)


Thanks. I have added these as related WikiProjects:

Is it possible, that these projects are linked to WD:IND, as these are part of India?

There might be related WikiProjects on En WP, where editors might be interested in these projects.

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

Feel free to edit the project and add the links where you find appropriate :)

Titodutta (talkcontribs)

Perhaps you can add your projects under Category:WikiProjects with sortkey? It might help.

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

Added that, and Category:WikiProject_India too.

Naveenpf (talkcontribs)

Nice work Prtksxna :)

Prtksxna (talkcontribs)

Thank you @Naveenpf :)

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