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Peter Porai-Koshits (talkcontribs)


Why ranking for Q27917476 did not update from June?


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Wolfgang8741 (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure why I'm getting a "WQS query expired" for a limit 100 query. I'm looking at the Infobox NRHP template for refnum parameter no matter with or without a category limit the query fails. I've tried with and without already set and with and without a category. How might I get the query to run to get the NRHP identifier from the templates?

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Jarekt (talkcontribs)

Hi, many pages in Category:Pages with script errors are created by your bot, which occasionally creates pages with too many items for page to render so we get "The time allocated for running scripts has expired." error. I would like to bring the number of pages in that category to zero so it is easier to spot new issues. Any ideas how to modify your bot not to create pages with Lua errors? Possibly we could limit each query to some number of items returned, or not use {{Q}}if number of items returned is over some limit.

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BokicaK (talkcontribs)
Infovarius (talkcontribs)


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Wikidata:Database reports/Deleted Wikidata entities that are still linked

MisterSynergy (talkcontribs)

Hey Pasleim, that list is pretty useful I think. But can you please add the admin who deleted the entities to the table? Thanks!

ValterVB (talkcontribs)

Can you regenerate the report? I have fixed many, they was a my error, mainly caused by a wrong report. Sorry.

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Connection with Harvest Templates

SebastianHellmann (talkcontribs)
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Pipes in complex constraint queries

Nikki (talkcontribs)

It seems we can't use pipes in complex constraint queries, e.g. like @Yair rand tried to do in Special:Diff/794841438. Maybe your bot isn't replacing the {{!}} with a real pipe?

Pasleim (talkcontribs)


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P150: Only 1 item could be addet to this property by harvester

Hariva (talkcontribs)
Pasleim (talkcontribs)
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EncycloPetey (talkcontribs)

Please add information about editions to the specific data item about that edition, not to the item about the work as a whole. Works do not have cover artists; only printed editions will have a cover artist.

Pasleim (talkcontribs)

The constraints on Property:P736 only allow to use this property exclusively for works.

EncycloPetey (talkcontribs)

Then the constraints need to be corrected.

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Bencemac (talkcontribs)

Hello again Pasleim,

After the recent item/duplicate creating flood, the number of huwiki-related merge candidates is dropping again. Even though your project is a huge help for finding these duplicates, I am afraid of that we miss(ed) many of them. Would it be possible making a list of items with only huwiki connection and no statements? These items are usually merge-able. An example, empty and merge-able item found; Q56414997->Q7647323.

Talking about merging, I would like to create some statistics for my community about that I have archived till now. Can I get somehow that how many items I merged since an exact date? Or a graph showing the changes of huwiki-related candidates' number? It would be great.

Finally, please check this two items; I have a feeling about that dewiki articles may be not connected well: Q1361154 (en:Daihatsu Hijet) and Q20827058 (hu:Daihatsu Hijet).

Once again, thanks for your hard work!

Pasleim (talkcontribs)

All items with only a link to huwiki and with no statements you can find with this query.

All items you redirected can be found with this query. It has all items since July.

The connections on Piaggio Porter (Q1361154) I've fixed.

Bencemac (talkcontribs)

Thank you! Furthermore, I would like to report a Hungarian-specific bug; the Hungarian ’ and the English ' is not the same, plus we use often – instead of the regular - one. For example, I’d Rather Go Blind and I'd Rather Go Blind do not have the same title – think the bot –, but in reality, they do.

Please set ’ and ' & – and - equal if the bot is searching Hungarian-candidates. I have a strong feeling about that we have some hiding ones. Would it be possible?

Pasleim (talkcontribs)

This is currently not possible. The reports are generated using some SQL queries. Adding these special cases makes the queries much more time consuming with the result that the server does no longer fully process them.

Bencemac (talkcontribs)

Gentle reminder.

Bencemac (talkcontribs)
Pasleim (talkcontribs)

Thanks for informing me. The updates were broken because of script could not deal with lexicographical data.

Bencemac (talkcontribs)

Thanks for solving the problem!

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