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Danish user, with primary profile on Bruger/VicVal.

Links and tools[edit]

Own projects[edit]

Notes to structure my own initiatives here at Wikidata.


I will be working with SPARQL (Q54871) to analyze data in Wikidata (Q2013). My ramblings are here

My ontology[edit]

I will create an ontology (Q324254) of my world, i.e. topics that I have a close relations to, it will be at this Project page

Danish sports[edit]

Project page

Danish actors[edit]

Project page

Danish Governments[edit]

Moved to seperate subpage

Diving (the sport)[edit]

I'm affiliated with the sport of Diving, as head of the sport in Denmark, and thus has a deep level of insight to the sport.

With the level of experience I've gotten in Wikidata so far, I feel confident enough to start working on this, including using automated tools like Autolist 2.

Currently I'm compiling a Listeriabot based inventory of Divers at Bruger:VicVal/AutoList


I have a side-track project documenting the Danish Brewery group Carlsberg. I'll use my knowledge from this to create User:VicVal/Carlsberg.

Roskilde Festival[edit]

Parent Roskilde Festival

instance of Roskilde Festival 2003

Participant Metallica