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I was checking every day all unpatrolled ip edits (yes, alllll) on Wikidata since September 2013... until I gave up at the end of October to check them all. There is too much this kind of edits to check, and too many of those edits are vandalism or test edits1.

We need some better mechanism to find vandalism and test edits, or are you interested to check all edits manually one by one2? If you said yes, good luck, if no, I hope you agree with me how hard it is!

I'm not constantly checking all ip edits anymore, only when I want or when I really have interest to do it. It was too much like a work... and I want this to be more like a hobby.


  • Examples of my reverts1, 1
  • Link to check all unpatrolled ip edits2

What we can do?[edit]

  • Better abuse filter? Add all languages as descriptions...
  • Reviewed versions? I think it's impossible as Wikidata is so big project, and implementing it on Wikidata may be hard.