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This is a list of suspected duplicates. Not all are real duplicates. If you find false positives, please strike them out <s>like this</s> so they appear like this. If you find a problematic item pair, please leave a comment directly beneath it.

Solved/merged duplicates will be moved to the archive. See the navigation box to the right.

Unsolved problem pairs will be moved to "Unsorted". If you feel up to it, you're welcome to go through that list as well, but expect a high rate of false positives and ambiguous cases. Please leave comments about your findings, beneath each item pair.

If you go to a Wikipedia project and request a merge there, in order to solve a duplicate, please leave a note directly beneath the pair in the list here on Wikidata. These item pairs will be moved to "Pending", and they will later be moved to the archive when (and if) the articles and items have been merged. Sometimes, in the case of bot generated stubs that are duplicated in a Wikipedia project, it may be best to change the superflous Wikipedia article into a redirect yourself. Some wikis have low activity, and waiting for the project to do the merge by itself can take a long time.

List of suspected duplicates[edit]

Sorry, all the no-brainers have already been merged. Those who remain, require some more consideration and/or TLC. You can find them at User:Soulkeeper/dups/unsorted.

Pending requests[edit]

See: User:Soulkeeper/dups/pending