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Wikidata-Bot This user account is a bot with a bot flag. It is operated by Michiel1972.
  • Block this bot, if it is malfunctioning.
  • Check its work.
  • Contact the operator about mistakes.
  • See all Requests for Permissions related to this bot: 1 2
  • Task:
  • Focus will be at nlwiki entries only ! (Dutch language)
  • lowercase labels (using capitalization of English label & semi-automated, manual check)
  • add descriptions when needed (disamb pages) and clean up unwanted brackets in labels
  • import (municipality) codes (NL, FR)
  • add property values (using Dutch categorization)
  • add labels for nlwiki when this label is missing (using English, German, Italian and Spanish label check)
  • add 'doorverwijspagina' description for nlwiki
  • add coordinates (sources,