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This bot function should add and update Wikidata drug and disease items for Gene <> durg links.


This bot is part of a family of bots to capture and maintain Genes, Diseases and Drugs in Wikidata. Originally started with the [[1]] where Genes and Proteins were added to Wikidata, the project gradually evolved in adding Diseases, Drugs and the relationships between the three.


According to the UMLS National Drug File,

Cabergoline may be used to treat Hyperprolactinaemia

Cabergoline may be used to treat Parkinson's disease


This part of the bot will first aggregate drug<>disease links and then add these links to the appropriate Wikidata items.

  • Define properties required for gene<>drug links
  • Request the required properties and put them to community discussion
  • Code bot
  • Test runs in increments

Data sources[edit]

NDF-RT database

CHEMBL (which has both indication and target information)


    +--causes (the disease results from taking the drug)
    \--treats treats (aka 'medical condition treated')  

Inverse properties (these go from disease to drug) (also recorded in the linked property definitions)[edit]


The bot will add new drug<>disease links in its source databases to Wikidata. It will also modify existing Wikidata drug and disease items if new information becomes available in the original data sources.

Reporting queries[edit]

count of drug treats or causes statements