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The ProteinBoxBot maintains information about Genes, Diseases and Drugs in Wikidata. The entities in these three domains are maintained by different corresponding sub-processes of the main bot.

The objective of the Disease sub-process (sub-bot?) is to add and update Wikidata with information about human diseases

Current Scope[edit]

The set of entities maintained by this bot are determined based on their presence in the expert-curated Human Disease ontology

Items maintained by this bot[edit]

  • Human Diseases and classes of human disease. List them all with a query for items with some value for Disease Ontology ID: CLAIM[699]

Properties maintained by this bot for these items[edit]

Property Description Datatype Expected value

(if not listed, see property definition)

Property:P279 subclass of Item Should always include disease (Q12136)
Property:P699 Disease Ontology ID String Should exist for EVERY item processed by this bot
Property:P1550 Orphanet String
Property:P494 ICD-10 String
Property:P493 ICD-9 String
Property:P486 MeSH ID String
Property:P1395 National Cancer Institute ID String
Property:P1748 NCI Thesaurus ID String

Data sources[edit]

Bot approval[edit]

Bot approval August 2015: Wikidata:Requests_for_permissions/Bot/ProteinBoxBot_3


The bot code is open source and available for inspection