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Overall summary[edit]

Togo picture gallery is the service that provides illustrations in life sciences, which anyone can use under the Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).



  1. Select 1-2 example pictures from the Togo picture gallery to add to Wikicommons
  2. Model the wikidata data model to capture metadata and links to Togo pictures
  3. Add metadeta and links to Wikidata manually
  4. Write a bot to automatically add meta data from TOGO to Wikdiata
  5. Create a bot account for the bot account for the Database Center for Life Science and request a task permission


  1. TOGO:
  2. Wikidata integrator:
  3. Submit bot request:
  4. Upload content to Wikicommons:
  5. Batch upload to Wikicommons:
  6. With the python wikipedia bot, image can be uploaded: