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Overall sumary[edit]

GO wants to start enhancing Wikipedia articles about GO classes (e.g. 'apoptosis') with infoboxes drawn from wikidata entries. They already have a fair number of GO-Wikipedia mappings as xrefs. They will need to triangulate and begin to maintain GO-wikidata mappings and to populate the corresponding wikidata items.

2) We have wikidatabots that should be useful to get going.



Gameplan (Tentative)[edit]

  1. Inventories what GO content already exists in Wikidata
  2. Manually model an example entry as template
  3. Write bot
  4. Test bot on 1 selected entry
  5. Test bot on 10 selected entry
  6. Test bot on 100 selected entry
  7. Does our current task permissions allow adding Gene Ontology?
  8. Full run
  9. Does this task remain under the ProteinBotBox account?
  10. Go for production.

Go content in Wikidata[edit]

The following properties have already been added to Wikidata.

Wikidata property Number of wikidata Items containing that property
Gene Ontology ID (P686) 7327
biological process (P682) 1899
molecular function (P680) 1886
cell component (P681) 1898


Example entry[edit]

Candidate entr[y|ies]:

Candidate Properties[edit]

Properties to be requested[edit]

definition synonyms PMID xref (to check)

Background info[edit]


GO / Wikipedia mapping[edit]