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Overall summary[edit]

Our goal is to make Wikidata the canonical resource for referencing and translating these identifiers. The goal of this sprint is to model gene-disease relations and drugs-disease relations in WIkiData as well to develop the bot to add known relation from authoritative resources.


Background info[edit]


  • Example Gene:
  • Example Disease:
  • Example Drugs:
  • Example Gene-Drug relation:
  • Example Gene-Disease relation:


Original source data files[edit]


  1. confirm all necessary properties exist
  2. list what is already captured in wikidata
  3. prototype an example gene by hand
  4. write the bot
  5. test on 2 genes - disease relations
  6. test on 2 drugs - disease relations
  7. test on 10 genes - disease relations
  8. test on 10 drugs - disease relations
  9. full run on disease-genes relations
  10. full run on disease-drugs relations

Step 1 - define properties[edit]

Disease-genes relations[edit]

Disease-drugs relations[edit]

Step 2 - List relations already in Wikidata[edit]

Step 3 - prototype an example gene by hand[edit]

Step 4 - Write the bot[edit]

Step 5 - test on 2 entries[edit]

Step 6 - Test on 10 entries[edit]

Step 7 - Full run[edit]