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Streets with Property:P1216[edit]

Portland Place (Q7231999) Frith Street (Q4565954) Brook Street (Q2926113) Harley Street (Q773458) Cheyne Walk (Q5094624) Holland Park Avenue (Q15030860) Savile Row (Q1631609) Buckingham Gate (Q4983212) Kensington Palace Gardens (Q1739015) Cloth Fair (Q5135539) Cranley Gardens (Q27084723) Meard Street (Q6804125) Tite Street (Q7809929) Royal Crescent (Q7374084) Earls Terrace (Q1277492) Upper Borough Walls, Bath (Q7898505) Wood Street, Bath (Q8032276) Johnstone Street, Bath (Q6268710) South Parade, Bath (Q15278711) Duke Street, Bath (Q5312870) Stall Street, Bath (Q7597297) Grosvenor Place, Bath (Q5610651) Argyle Street, Bath (Q17150320) Cavendish Place, Bath (Q5055023) Portland Place, Bath (Q7232001) Henrietta Street, Bath (Q5716042) North Parade, Bath (Q7056274) The Paragon (Q7756077) Gay Street, Bath (Q5528646) Somerset Place, Bath (Q7559896) Great Pulteney Street (Q5599814) Bathwick Hill, Bath (Q4869145) Sion Hill Place, Bath (Q7525356) Widcombe Crescent, Bath (Q7998505) Laura Place, Bath (Q6499317) Kingsmead Square, Bath (Q6413357) Sydney Place, Bath (Q7660095) Milsom Street, Bath (Q6860748) St James's Square, Bath (Q7593474) Camden Crescent, Bath (Q5025759)

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Grade II listed buildings with a value for located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) that is not a London borough, metropolitan or non-metropolitan county or district, unitary authority, civil parish, principal area or community, or in the Isles of Scilly:

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