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Merge candidates in huwiki and svwiki based on same sitelink name.

Found 751 merge candiates, excluding 722 candidates from the list of knowlingly non-duplicates leads to 29 remaining candidates.

Update: 2022-09-30 21:00 (UTC)

Merge candidates[edit]

  1. Q10397182 (sv:1 + 1 = 2) and Q84533737 (hu:1 + 1 = 2)
  2. Q1318158 (sv:Basque) and Q28912615 (hu:Basque)
  3. Q275304 (sv:Biljača) and Q794996 (hu:Biljača)
  4. Q11344537 (sv:Brodec) and Q924234 (hu:Brodec)
  5. Q9827 (sv:Cuijk) and Q13635419 (hu:Cuijk)
  6. Q13037408 (sv:Cërrik) and Q18730 (hu:Cërrik)
  7. Q10479176 (sv:Echo Chamber) and Q56411305 (hu:Echo Chamber)
  8. Q3044297 (sv:Fort Rock) and Q3478107 (hu:Fort Rock)
  9. Q200514 (sv:Frank Morgan) and Q1443807 (hu:Frank Morgan)
  10. Q3786257 (sv:Hold On) and Q65218360 (hu:Hold On)
  11. Q1750432 (sv:I Am) and Q924136 (hu:I Am)
  12. Q1086280 (sv:Kobiljak) and Q2402077 (hu:Kobiljak)
  13. Q182060 (sv:Kontor) and Q258913 (hu:Kontor)
  14. Q6015707 (sv:Miguel Ángel López) and Q17711593 (hu:Miguel Ángel López)
  15. Q6894280 (sv:Mohol) and Q731701 (hu:Mohol)
  16. Q624548 (sv:Nuri) and Q2119839 (hu:Nuri)
  17. Q7109413 (sv:Otter Rock) and Q3279197 (hu:Otter Rock)
  18. Q109341496 (sv:Pfeiffera micrantha) and Q1234507 (hu:Pfeiffera micrantha)
  19. Q12640910 (sv:Radljevac) and Q12640909 (hu:Radljevac)
  20. Q3123004 (sv:Seona) and Q4374815 (hu:Seona)
  21. Q16923275 (sv:Shili) and Q12816004 (hu:Shili)
  22. Q3962539 (sv:Skippy) and Q426466 (hu:Skippy)
  23. Q21743772 (sv:Skupica) and Q827869 (hu:Skupica)
  24. Q1713732 (sv:Strážiště) and Q1124240 (hu:Strážiště)
  25. Q12056733 (sv:Studený) and Q2184859 (hu:Studený)
  26. Q2371759 (sv:Sveti Ilija) and Q665177 (hu:Sveti Ilija)
  27. Q646809 (sv:Ujar) and Q197351 (hu:Ujar)
  28. Q49095437 (sv:Viasat Film) and Q112795118 (hu:Viasat Film)
  29. Q901932 (sv:Wyeth) and Q14709362 (hu:Wyeth)