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Merge candidates in huwiki and dewiki based on same sitelink name.

Found 713 merge candiates, excluding 683 candidates from the list of knowlingly non-duplicates leads to 30 remaining candidates.

Update: 2022-09-25 22:50 (UTC)

Merge candidates[edit]

  1. Q795055 (de:B-Daman) and Q495709 (hu:B-Daman)
  2. Q28428086 (de:Breteuil (Eure)) and Q467162 (hu:Breteuil (Eure))
  3. Q9827 (de:Cuijk) and Q13635419 (hu:Cuijk)
  4. Q821118 (de:Diamond Lake (Oregon)) and Q114051794 (hu:Diamond Lake (Oregon))
  5. Q156611 (de:Freikorps) and Q3137385 (hu:Freikorps)
  6. Q56279606 (de:Gold Digger) and Q2628090 (hu:Gold Digger)
  7. Q42073 (de:Gumi) and Q13211745 (hu:Gumi)
  8. Q2069502 (de:Hold On) and Q65218360 (hu:Hold On)
  9. Q1359718 (de:Hoopa) and Q5898327 (hu:Hoopa)
  10. Q96381897 (de:Ice Breaker) and Q110029372 (hu:Ice Breaker)
  11. Q113112116 (de:Las Vegas Street Circuit) and Q111443584 (hu:Las Vegas Street Circuit)
  12. Q2311189 (de:Leeuwarden) and Q25390 (hu:Leeuwarden)
  13. Q109381864 (de:Leonardo Costa) and Q6525956 (hu:Leonardo Costa)
  14. Q15894 (de:Medvode) and Q2094435 (hu:Medvode)
  15. Q2760406 (de:Mustis) and Q971701 (hu:Mustis)
  16. Q90034125 (de:North Valley) and Q1821574 (hu:North Valley)
  17. Q7109413 (de:Otter Rock) and Q3279197 (hu:Otter Rock)
  18. Q113494626 (de:Otto Bühler) and Q2635476 (hu:Otto Bühler)
  19. Q2242799 (de:Postojna) and Q15901 (hu:Postojna)
  20. Q3441808 (de:Ptuj) and Q15906 (hu:Ptuj)
  21. Q7315733 (de:Resonance) and Q389804 (hu:Resonance)
  22. Q28484570 (de:Saint-Maur (Indre)) and Q1136748 (hu:Saint-Maur (Indre))
  23. Q4201397 (de:Sidemen) and Q81339539 (hu:Sidemen)
  24. Q3441817 (de:Slovenj Gradec) and Q15918 (hu:Slovenj Gradec)
  25. Q97578035 (de:Slussen) and Q371929 (hu:Slussen)
  26. Q7560413 (de:Somi) and Q109373937 (hu:Somi)
  27. Q113470534 (de:The Run) and Q1319736 (hu:The Run)
  28. Q111356883 (de:Wasted) and Q60749185 (hu:Wasted)
  29. Q901932 (de:Wyeth) and Q14709362 (hu:Wyeth)
  30. Q279072 (de:Črna na Koroškem) and Q2573748 (hu:Črna na Koroškem)