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Merge candidates in huwiki and dewiki based on same sitelink name.

Found 697 merge candiates, excluding 691 candidates from the list of knowlingly non-duplicates leads to 6 remaining candidates.

Update: 2021-07-19 18:20 (UTC)

Merge candidates[edit]

  1. Q107525938 (de:Die großen Erfolge) and Q905141 (hu:Die großen Erfolge)
  2. Q565170 (de:Piran) and Q1382 (hu:Piran)
  3. Q2242799 (de:Postojna) and Q15901 (hu:Postojna)
  4. Q3441808 (de:Ptuj) and Q15906 (hu:Ptuj)
  5. Q3441817 (de:Slovenj Gradec) and Q15918 (hu:Slovenj Gradec)
  6. Q97578035 (de:Slussen) and Q371929 (hu:Slussen)