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image label description instance of country located in the administrative territorial entity
Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design museum Estonia
Keila mõisa peahoone (Harjumaa Muuseum).jpg
Harjumaa Muuseum museum museum Estonia Keila City
National Heritage Board of Estonia government agency Estonia
Võrumaa Museum museum Estonia
Raua tn tuletõrjehoone.jpg
Estonian Firefighting Museum museum in Tallinn fire museum Estonia Tallinn City
KUMU - The Art Museum of Estonia.jpg
Art Museum of Estonia national art museum art museum Estonia Tallinn City
Finnish National Gallery organization of three museums that make up the largest art museum institution of Finland art museum Finland Helsinki
National Library of Finland.jpg
National Library of Finland organization national library
academic library
Statens Museum for Kunst, København.jpg
Statens Museum for Kunst Danish National Gallery in Copenhagen art museum Denmark Copenhagen Municipality
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