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This is a fork of User:Aude/citoid.js. All credits goes to Aude – I just did some small improvements.

Changes so far:

  • Change: set default-language for Title-Language to English instead of User-Language
  • Improvement: support also other languages than English for Title-Language
  • Improvement: Add Language of the source as Property
  • Improvement: Add DOI if found
  • Improvement: Warn if not language is found and English is used as fallback
  • Improvement: Add accessDate even if Zotero fails
  • Bugfix: Replace newlines & tabs in title by spaces & squeeze duplicate spaces
  • Bugfix: Don't fail if there are any '%' in the URL
  • UX-Improvements:
    • If lookup failed show an error message
    • phab:T153685 - Autofill link for Wikidata's citoid gadget: wording
    • phab:T153684 - Autofill link for Wikidata's citoid gadget: data retrieval should be signified
    • phab:T153683 - Autofill link for Wikidata's citoid gadget should be closer to autofilled area


Copy the following to your common.js:

mw.loader.using(['wikibase'], function() {
	$.getScript( '', function() {
		var citeTool = new wb.CiteTool( '' );


My plans for further improvements:

  • Support Author
  • Try to autodetect stated in (P248)
  • Add Icon to add weblinks directly