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Various activities:

1: Curate all items relevant to the Island of Tiree (Q511617), Scotland (nearly done)

2: Curate various Biology related scientific awards and medals, make sure all winners are present and correct, add point in time (P585) and quote (P1683) if available.

This has been done for:

Godman-Salvin Medal (Q17043327) see also Recipients of the Godman-Salvin Medal
Darwin Medal (Q756994) see also Recipients of the Darwin Medal
Darwin Medal (ISRS) (Q47507798)
Union Medal of the British Ornithological Union (Q17116122) see also Recipients of the BOU Union Medal
Linnean Gold Medal (Q16880122)
Eardley Holland Gold Medal (Q50807578)
Bernard Tucker Medal (Q4893710) see also Recipients of the Bernard Tucker Medal
Bakerian Lecture (Q1107771)

These need to be looked at:

Darwin–Wallace Medal (Q1166881)
RSPB Medal (Q23022916)
Stamford Raffles Award (Q7597405)
Crafoord Prize (Q583069)
Balzan Prize (Q628457)
International Prize for Biology (Q575568)
Linnean Medal (Q1635542)
Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal (Q3302356)
Frink Medal (Q5504615)
Dilys Breese Medal (Q5277107)

3: Curate all bird observatory (Q1365207) in British Isles. Done [1]

4: Ensure all nature reserve (Q179049) in the UK have a minimal property set.

There are about 2500 recognised nature reserves in UK. My aim is get all of them in Wikidata with the following properties if possible:
Essential: Meaningful label;Consistent Description; Country (UK); Instance of (Nature Reserve); Operator ; Coordinates
Desirable, but not always available or possible: Area (hectares); image; commons category, inception, post code, OS grid reference; vice county;email, phone number, Twitter name; Facebook name, any parts, located on, administrative territory
Plan to work through the various wildlife organisations that have reserves:
WWT - complete. 10 Reserves. [2]
RSPB - 71 done so far, 109 to be done, This is a tricky one, about half of RSPB reserves not present at all, so are needing creating
Wildlife Trusts - Done so far:
Essex Wildlife Trust. Complete. 67 reserves listed. [3]
Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire - done
Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Ongoing
National Nature Reserves
Local Nature Reserves

5: Curate various senior roles in UK academia

Holders of the post of President of the Royal Society

Holders of the post of The Linacre Professor of Zoology

Holders of the post of The President of the British Ornithological Union

Holders of the post of Astronomer Royal

Holders of the post of The President of the Geological Society of London

Holders of the post of The President of the RSPB

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