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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Hall of Light Amiga database IDP4671External identifieridentifier in the database of Amiga video games Hall of LightAmegas <Hall of Light Amiga database ID> 3258-
World of Spectrum IDP4705External identifierWorld of Spectrum: identifier in the videogame database World of SpectrumZombi <World of Spectrum ID> 0005865-
Guardiana IDP4710External identifierGuardiana: identifier in the SEGA videogame database GuardianaSonic the Hedgehog <Guardiana ID> 166-
Gaming-History identifierP4806External identifierGaming-History: identifier for the Gaming-History videogame databaseMissile Command <Gaming-History identifier> 1644-
Lemon 64 identifierP4816External identifierLemon 64: identifier in the Lemon 64 database of Commodore 64 videogamesAttack of the Mutant Camels <Lemon 64 identifier> 172-
Lemon Amiga identifierP4846External identifierLemon Amiga: identifier in the Lemon Amiga database of Amiga videogamesSpindizzy Worlds <Lemon Amiga identifier> 989-
CPC-Power identifierP4847External identifierCPC-Power: identifier in the CPC-Power database of Amstrad CPC videogamesDefender of the Crown <CPC-Power identifier> 699-
AtariAge identifierP4857External identifierAtariAge: identifier in the AtariAge database of Atari videogamesMissile Command <AtariAge identifier> 639-
Atari Legend identifierP4858External identifieridentifier in the Atari Legend database of Atari videogamesZombi <Atari Legend identifier> 3322-
Atarimania identifierP4859External identifieridentifier in the Atarimania database of Atari videogamesZombi <Atarimania identifier> 10934-
Ready64 identifierP4916External identifierReady64: identifier in the Ready64 database of Commodore 64 videogamesAttack of the Mutant Camels <Ready64 identifier> 576-
Gamebase64 identifierP4917External identifierGamebase64: identifier in the Gamebase64 database of Commodore 64 videogamesAttack of the Mutant Camels <Gamebase64 identifier> 280-
Plus/4 World identifierP4919External identifierPlus/4 World: identifier in the Plus/4 World database of Commodore videogamesZombi <Plus/4 World identifier> Zombie-
Generation MSX identifierP4960External identifierGeneration MSX: identifier in the Generation MSX database of MSX videogamesArkanoid <Generation MSX identifier> 887- identifierP4961External identifier in the database of Master System video gamesPrince of Persia < identifier> 269-
Abandonia identifierP4962External identifierAbandonia: identifier in the Abandonia database of DOS video gamesMaupiti Island <Abandonia identifier> 626-
PC Engine Software Bible IDP5345External identifierPC Engine Software Bible: identifier in the PC Engine Software Bible database of PC Engine videogamesThe NewZealand Story <PC Engine Software Bible ID> New_Zealand_Story-
Logicielsmoto identifierP5453External identifierLogicielsmoto: identifier in the Logicielsmoto database of Thomson softwareL'Aigle d'or <Logicielsmoto identifier> 9-
SMS Power identifierP5585External identifierSMS Power: identifier of a video game in the SMS Power database of Sega 8-bit console gamesAlex Kidd in Miracle World <SMS Power identifier> AlexKiddInMiracleWorld-SMS- identifierP5590External an identifier in the database of Oric computer programsL'Aigle d'or < identifier> 11-
IGF entrant IDP6032External identifierIndependent Games Festival: identifier of an entrant in the Independent Games Festival80 Days <IGF entrant ID> 80-days-
DCMOTO identifierP6068External identifierDCMOTO: identifier in the DCMOTO database of Thomson MO/TO softwareL'Aigle d'or <DCMOTO identifier> l-aigle-d-or-
Sega Saturn game IDP6172External identifierSega Saturn: serial number of a game release on the Sega SaturnRadiant Silvergun <Sega Saturn game ID> T-32902G-
Complete BBC Games Archive identifierP6292External identifierComplete BBC Games Archive: identifier in the Complete BBC Games Archive ( Command <Complete BBC Games Archive identifier> 35-
PC-9801DB IDP6299External identifierPC-9801 DB: identifier in the PC-9801DB database of PC-98 video gamesBalance of Power <PC-9801DB ID> G0286-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
GAMECIP media format IDP5371External identifieridentifier of a media format in the thesaurus of the Game Metadata and Citation Project3½-inch floppy disk <GAMECIP media format ID> 1037-
GAMECIP platform IDP5379External identifieridentifier of a computer game platform in the thesaurus of the Game Metadata and Citation ProjectDreamcast <GAMECIP platform ID> 1053-
MobyGames platform IDP5868External identifierMobyGames: identifier for a platform in MobyGamesDreamcast <MobyGames platform ID> dreamcast- IDP5936External identifier in the database of computing platforms old-computers.comAmiga 500 Plus < ID> 1260-
GameFAQs platform IDP6078External identifierGameFAQs: identifier of a gaming platform in GameFAQs databaseDreamcast <GameFAQs platform ID> dreamcast-
System16 identifierP6170External identifierSystem16: identifier in the System16 database of arcade game systemsSega Titan Video <System16 identifier> 711-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
MobyGames group IDP5360External identifierMobyGames: identifier of a group in the MobyGames databaseMario Kart <MobyGames group ID> mario-kart-series-
VGMdb product IDP5659External identifierVGMdb: identifier for a product (game, franchise, video) in the Video Game Music databaseMario franchise <VGMdb product ID> 1-
GameFAQs company IDP6182External identifierGameFAQs: identifier of a company in the GameFAQs databaseKonami <GameFAQs company ID> 10626-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Panoptikum identifierP4818External identifieridentifier in the Panoptikum podcast databaseRadiolab <Panoptikum identifier> 249-
RegiowikiAT identifierP6228External identifierRegiowikiAT: identifier of a page in the Austria regional wiki RegiowikiATSalzburg <RegiowikiAT identifier> 14-