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I am busy in real life and therefore suspending my wikiactivities including wikidata, in case of emergency contact me by email.[edit]

I am a man (Q8441), natively speaking Czech (Q9056), living at Brno (Q14960).


Properties I proposed
Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Musopen composer ID P2338 External identifier Musopen: identifier for a composer in the database Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart <Musopen composer ID> wolfgang-amadeus-mozart -
Goratings ID P2805 External identifier Go Ratings: player identifier Ke Jie <Goratings ID> 1195 -
arterial supply P2286 Item arterial supply of an anatomical structure liver <arterial supply> hepatic artery proper venous drainage
lymphatic drainage P2288 Item lymphatic drainage of an anatomical structure uterus <lymphatic drainage> Paraaortic lymph node and internal iliac lymph nodes -
venous drainage P2289 Item vein draining the anatomical structure uterus <venous drainage> uterine veins arterial supply
365chess player ID P3314 External identifier 365chess: identifier for players at Sergey Okrugin <365chess player ID> Sergey_Okrugin -
chesstempo ID P3315 External identifier identifier for chess players at Sergey Okrugin <chesstempo ID> 152389 -
ICCF player ID P3316 External identifier identifier for a chess player, at Magnus Carlsen <ICCF player ID> 360505 -
WikiSkripta ID P3471 External identifier WikiSkripta: identificator for articles on urinary bladder <WikiSkripta ID> 26947 -

Wikidata:Property proposal/Overview

Project Elo ratings[edit]

Bot account used: EloBot. EloBots contributions are here.

Wikidata:WikiProject Chess

Chess ratings











Maintenance Queries


Tracking of files[edit]

4 8 12 2 1 7 6 3 5 11 10 9
apr aug dec feb jan jul jun mar may nov oct sep
2016 f f f f f f f f f f
2015 f f f f f f f f f f f f
2014 f f f f f f f f f f f f
2013 f f f f f f f f f f f f
2012 x f f x f f x f f f f f
2011 x x x x f f x f f f x f
2010 x x x x f f x f f f x f
2009 f x x x f f x x x f x f
2008 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2007 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2006 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2005 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2004 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2003 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2002 f x x x f f x x x x f x
2001 f x x x f f x x x x f x
1999 x x x x x x x x x x
1998 x x x x x x x x x x
1997 x x x x x x x x x x
1996 x x x x x x x x x x
1995 x x x x x x x x x x
1994 x x x x x x x x x x
1993 x x x x x x x x x x
1992 x x x x x x x x x x

Tracking of progress[edit]

4 8 12 2 1 7 6 3 5 11 10 9
apr aug dec feb jan jul jun mar may nov oct sep
2016 p p p p p p p p p
2015 p p p p p p p p p p p p
2014 p p p p p p p p p p p p
2013 p p p p p p p p p p p p
2012 x p p x p p x p p p p p
2011 x x x x p p x p p p x p
2010 x x x x p p x p p p x p
2009 p x x x p p x x x p x p
2008 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2007 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2006 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2005 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2004 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2003 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2002 p x x x p p x x x x p x
2001 p x x x p p x x x x p x
1999 x x x x x x x x x x
1998 x x x x x x x x x x
1997 x x x x x x x x x x
1996 x x x x x x x x x x
1995 x x x x x x x x x x
1994 x x x x x x x x x x
1993 x x x x x x x x x x
1992 x x x x x x x x x x
  • i = imported to wikidata
  • p = in progress
  • x = ratings for these month not available

Order of elo rating import[edit]

  1. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=12
  2. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=12
  3. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=12
  4. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=12
  5. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=12
  6. year_of_rating=2009, month_of_rating=11
  7. year_of_rating=2010, month_of_rating=11
  8. year_of_rating=2011, month_of_rating=11
  9. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=11
  10. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=11
  11. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=11
  12. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=11
  13. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=11
  14. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=10
  15. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=10
  16. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=10
  17. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=10
  18. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=10
  19. year_of_rating=2001, month_of_rating=10
  20. year_of_rating=2002, month_of_rating=10
  21. year_of_rating=2003, month_of_rating=10
  22. year_of_rating=2004, month_of_rating=10
  23. year_of_rating=2005, month_of_rating=10
  24. year_of_rating=2006, month_of_rating=10
  25. year_of_rating=2007, month_of_rating=10
  26. year_of_rating=2008, month_of_rating=10
  27. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=9
  28. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=9
  29. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=9
  30. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=9
  31. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=9
  32. year_of_rating=2009, month_of_rating=9
  33. year_of_rating=2010, month_of_rating=9
  34. year_of_rating=2011, month_of_rating=9
  35. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=8
  36. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=8
  37. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=8
  38. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=8
  39. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=8
  40. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=7
  41. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=7
  42. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=7
  43. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=7
  44. year_of_rating=2001, month_of_rating=7
  45. year_of_rating=2002, month_of_rating=7
  46. year_of_rating=2003, month_of_rating=7
  47. year_of_rating=2004, month_of_rating=7
  48. year_of_rating=2005, month_of_rating=7
  49. year_of_rating=2006, month_of_rating=7
  50. year_of_rating=2007, month_of_rating=7
  51. year_of_rating=2008, month_of_rating=7
  52. year_of_rating=2009, month_of_rating=7
  53. year_of_rating=2010, month_of_rating=7
  54. year_of_rating=2011, month_of_rating=7
  55. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=7
  56. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=6
  57. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=6
  58. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=6
  59. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=6
  60. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=5
  61. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=5
  62. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=5
  63. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=5
  64. year_of_rating=2010, month_of_rating=5
  65. year_of_rating=2011, month_of_rating=5
  66. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=5
  67. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=4
  68. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=4
  69. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=4
  70. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=4
  71. year_of_rating=2001, month_of_rating=4
  72. year_of_rating=2002, month_of_rating=4
  73. year_of_rating=2003, month_of_rating=4
  74. year_of_rating=2004, month_of_rating=4
  75. year_of_rating=2005, month_of_rating=4
  76. year_of_rating=2006, month_of_rating=4
  77. year_of_rating=2007, month_of_rating=4
  78. year_of_rating=2008, month_of_rating=4
  79. year_of_rating=2009, month_of_rating=4
  80. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=3
  81. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=3
  82. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=3
  83. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=3
  84. year_of_rating=2010, month_of_rating=3
  85. year_of_rating=2011, month_of_rating=3
  86. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=3
  87. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=2
  88. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=2
  89. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=2
  90. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=2
  91. year_of_rating=2013, month_of_rating=1
  92. year_of_rating=2014, month_of_rating=1
  93. year_of_rating=2015, month_of_rating=1
  94. year_of_rating=2016, month_of_rating=1
  95. year_of_rating=2001, month_of_rating=1
  96. year_of_rating=2002, month_of_rating=1
  97. year_of_rating=2003, month_of_rating=1
  98. year_of_rating=2004, month_of_rating=1
  99. year_of_rating=2005, month_of_rating=1
  100. year_of_rating=2006, month_of_rating=1
  101. year_of_rating=2007, month_of_rating=1
  102. year_of_rating=2008, month_of_rating=1
  103. year_of_rating=2009, month_of_rating=1
  104. year_of_rating=2010, month_of_rating=1
  105. year_of_rating=2011, month_of_rating=1
  106. year_of_rating=2012, month_of_rating=1


Go ratings

Project on hold until chess project is settled and I get less busy IRL.

Tracking of go elo rating imported[edit]

  • 15. 9. 2016


  1. improve qualifiers and sources for elo statements (use chess elo script)
  2. update go ratings script with chess elo rating script parts so it does not need QS anymore
  3. track which data was already uploaded with the script
  4. update the list of players



Project chat Property proposal Wikidata:Entity Usage

SPARQL queries

Both Fide Master and International Master

SELECT ?item WHERE {?item wdt:P2962 wd:Q1049520 . ?item wdt:P2962 wd:Q752119 }
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All items with P1440 and without P2962

SELECT ?item ?fideID ?title WHERE {?item wdt:P1440 ?fideID . FILTER {?item wdt:P2962 ?title} FILTER (!bound (?title)) }
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Subpages in main namespace of cswiki excluding redirects

use cswiki_p;
select page_title from page where page_namespace=0 and page_title like "%/%" and page_is_redirect = 0;
CONVERT(BINARY(page_title) USING utf8);
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use cswikisource_p; select concat('* ',page_title,'') from page where page_namespace=0 and page_is_redirect=0 and page_title LIKE "Ottův%";

All pages with prefix "Ottův" on cs.wikisource

use cswikisource_p;
select concat('* [[[[:Template:Ns:',page namespace,']]:',page_title,']]')
from page
where page_namespace<>0 and page_is_redirect=0 and page_title LIKE "Ottův%";
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NS Label
14 Category
0 (Main/Article)
10 Template
100 Autor
2 User
6 File
8 Mediawiki
828 Module
No Permission Order
0 no permission Owner
1 execute Group
2 write Others
3 write and execute
4 read
5 read and execute
6 read and write
7 read, write, and execute

Project Full path Abb Czech ver
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