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  1. Your username is Hym411, but your nickname is Revi! Why don't you change your username?
    First of all, SUL account for ReVI exist.(SUL Account deleted) Of course I can usurp it, but there is some wikis I cannot usurp account (example:Japanese Wikipedia), so I am just waiting for SUL Finalization.
  2. Why your userpage's edit summary is Editing global userpage?
    Because I use m:User:PiRSquared17/Global UP. ask developer about javascript, not me.


  1. You deleted the other item instead of nominated one in RfD! Why?
    Probably because I prefer lower QID. If item has sitelinks, move sitelinks using this.
  2. You deleted item, and it has linking items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See User:Hym411/Delinkerlist, and use one of it.