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Statistics for admission tests[edit]

For every year (point in time (P585)) there is a number of applicants and a number of places (maximum capacity (P1083)).

  • number of applicants
  • number of available places

There is admission rate (P5822).

City districts[edit]

Vienna (Q1741) use contains administrative territorial entity (P150) with series ordinal (P1545) qualifiers, violating the allowed qualifiers constraint.

The districts themeselves are instances of district of Vienna (Q261023) with a series ordinal (P1545) qualifier.

There also is official number of town quarter (P5901), which is a subproperty of series ordinal (P1545).

Items located in Vienna[edit]

The following query uses these:

Interesting properties[edit]

part of (P361)
part of (P361) => has part (P527)

Some inverse properties need both directions: Help:Property constraints portal/Inverse.