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image label sex or gender given name occupation employer educated at member of Google Scholar author ID ORCID iD Twitter username official website Blog
Aarthi Padmanabhan female postdoctoral researcher[1] University of Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University[1]
Abraham Z. Snyder male Abraham researcher Washington University in St. Louis fBx1kaMAAAAJ 0000-0002-3379-9627
Adam R. Aron male Adam university teacher v388RmwAAAAJ
Adrian W. Gilmore male Adrian postdoctoral researcher Washington University in St. Louis
Adriana Di Martino female Adriana assistant professor Fpr79egAAAAJ
Ai-Ling Hsu female researcher
Alice J. O'Toole female Alice professor YoGrOPUAAAAJ
Alumit Ishai female professor National Science Foundation
University of Zurich
National Institute of Mental Health
Weizmann Institute of Science
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Amos Storkey male Amos reader University of Edinburgh
Anne Marie Clare Kelly female researcher
Anthony D. Wagner male Anthony university teacher Stanford University gCUiXKIAAAAJ
Armando Tartaro male Armando associate professor
Avi Karni male Avi researcher
Babatunde Adeyemo male Babatunde researcher
Barbara J. Knowlton female Barbara university teacher
University of California, Los Angeles Stanford University a508bl0AAAAJ
Beatriz Luna female Beatriz researcher University of Pittsburgh
Bharat B. Biswal male researcher New Jersey Institute of Technology FJ8WWDYAAAAJ 0000-0002-3710-3500
Bradley L. Schlaggar male Bradley professor
Washington University in St. Louis Aqf3-DsAAAAJ
Brent L. Hughes male Brent postdoctoral researcher
Bryan R. Conroy male Bryan researcher jPURO7oAAAAJ
Catharine Evers female Catharine assistant professor[2] Stanford University
Université catholique de Louvain
Utrecht University
University of Amsterdam tdYDvykAAAAJ
Catherine E. Myers female Catherine researcher -ZfNM0sAAAAJ
Changwei W. Wu male associate professor[3]
Charles F. Geier male Charles associate professor Pennsylvania State University
Ohio Northern University
Ohio University
University of Pittsburgh
Chiang-Shan Ray Li male associate professor National Taiwan University[4]
California Institute of Technology[4]
Chotiga Pattamadilok female researcher CNRS CL7jAd8AAAAJ
Christopher Trepel male Christopher researcher
Craig R. Fox male Craig professor
University of California, Los Angeles ArW_7JkAAAAJ
Cyril R. Pernet male Cyril neuroscientist University of Edinburgh yz6s_e8AAAAJ 0000-0003-4010-4632 CyrilRPernet
Daphna Shohamy female associate professor
Columbia University Rutgers University
David Manor male David researcher
University of Haifa
Deanna M. Barch female Deanna professor Washington University in St. Louis XruzwMwAAAAJ
Denise T. D. de Ridder female Denise researcher Utrecht University
E. Juliana Paré-Blagoev female E. researcher wPeZHPEAAAAJ
Eliza Congdon female Eliza assistant professor University of California, Los Angeles University of San Francisco
Stony Brook University
Ella Gabitov female Ella researcher University of Haifa
Eshin Jolly male graduate student Dartmouth College Dartmouth College
University of Rochester
Evan Moss Gordon male Evan researcher 0JWrljgAAAAJ
Fang Jiang female assistant professor University of Nevada University of Texas at Dallas ZSZG9VYAAAAJ
Floor M. Kroese female Floor assistant professor Utrecht University Utrecht University HwOksmsAAAAJ
Francisco Xavier Castellanos male Francisco neuroscientist New York University University of Kentucky
Vassar College
University of New Orleans
Louisiana State University
PFDyrI4AAAAJ 0000-0001-9192-9437
Godfrey D. Pearlson male Godfrey researcher Yale University 0000-0002-7525-5185
Grega Repovš male Grega associate professor University of Ljubljana University of Ljubljana faBMKJsAAAAJ 0000-0003-1837-3879
Gui Xue male professor Beijing Normal University Gyms-jgAAAAJ
Hervé Abdi male Q18508906 professor University of Texas at Dallas University of Franche-Comté Tyd1NtYAAAAJ
Hsin-Ya Fan female researcher
Ian R. Whittle male Ian researcher University of Edinburgh
Iris Nikola Knierim female Iris researcher Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
J. Benjamin Hutchinson male postdoctoral researcher Princeton University
J. Creso Moyano J. researcher
James V. Haxby male James university teacher Dartmouth College Carleton College
University of Minnesota
Jason P. Mitchell male Jason professor Harvard University 6o4Ue_UAAAAJ
Jeanette A. Mumford female Jeanette researcher University of Wisconsin–Madison
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Texas at Austin
Western Illinois University[5]
Western Illinois University[5]
University of Michigan[5]
Jennifer L. Schouten female Jennifer researcher
Jennifer M. Walz female Jennifer researcher
postdoctoral researcher
Columbia University[6]
Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health[6]
Columbia University
City College of New York[7]
E3Vk_FoAAAAJ jennifer_walz
Jiansong Xu male assistant professor HFDD44gAAAAJ
Jill Clark female Jill researcher
Joanna M. Wardlaw female Joanna professor University of Edinburgh
John G. Csernansky male John professor Northwestern University
John Monterosso male John associate professor[8] Swarthmore College[9]
University of Pennsylvania[9]
Jordan Muraskin male Jordan researcher gMmDkl0AAAAJ jsm2112
Joseph M. Moran male Joseph scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Harvard University
Dartmouth College[10] HFy1LJ4AAAAJ jtneuro
Joseph T. Devlin male Joseph researcher University College London kCgH6AgAAAAJ 0000-0001-9737-3070 neuro_boffin
Jyh-Horng Chen male professor National Taiwan University[11]
Karin Foerde female Karin researcher Columbia University Medical Center
Columbia University
Santa Clara University
University of California, Los Angeles
Katerina Velanova female Katerina assistant professor[12] University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Stanford University
Kathleen B. McDermott female Kathleen professor
Washington University in St. Louis Rice University
University of Notre Dame
Keith J. Duncan male Keith researcher University of Tokyo
Kevin N. Ochsner male Kevin professor Harvard University -GHfzbUAAAAJ
Krzysztof Jacek Gorgolewski male Krzysztof research associate Stanford University q1CgMZ8AAAAJ 0000-0003-3321-7583 ChrisFiloG
Kun-Hsien Chou male postdoctoral researcher[13] National Yang-Ming University 6cmNlWYAAAAJ
Lucina Q. Uddin female Lucina assistant professor University of Miami ZRJpD7wAAAAJ
Maarten Mennes male Maarten researcher pLlSTVgAAAAJ 0000-0002-7279-3439 MaartenMennes
Marc N. Potenza male Marc professor
Yale University Yale University TwSqt0MAAAAJ
Maria Ida Gobbini female Maria researcher University of Florence
University of Pisa
Mark A. Gluck male Mark neuroscientist Rutgers University Harvard University
Stanford University
Mark E. Bastin male Mark reader 0000-0002-0490-0845
Mark E. Wheeler male Mark associate professor[14] Georgia Institute of Technology[14]
University of Pittsburgh[14]
University of Nebraska–Lincoln[14] Society for Neuroscience[14] AEQRI1cAAAAJ
Martin A. Lindquist male Martin associate professor
Columbia University
Johns Hopkins University
Matthew L. Davidson male Matthew researcher Columbia University Columbia University
Maura L. Furey female Maura researcher National Institutes of Health
Mei-Yen Chen female researcher
Melina R. Uncapher female Melina researcher Stanford University
Michael Carapezza male Michael lab technician Columbia University Medical Center Columbia University[15]
Michael J. Frank male Michael professor Brown University
University of Arizona
University of Colorado Boulder
Queen's University
Michael P. Milham male Michael researcher N4-Y6GYAAAAJ
Michael Stevens male Michael researcher University of Connecticut
Nico U. F. Dosenbach male Nico researcher Washington University in St. Louis 4VROxu8AAAAJ
Nicoletta Cera female Nicoletta researcher University of Porto
Patrick D. Worhunsky male Patrick postdoctoral researcher Yale University
Paul A. M. Smeets male Paul researcher 1NErOikAAAAJ
Paul Sajda male Paul manager
Columbia University kEXTeI4AAAAJ 0000-0002-9738-1342
Pietro Pietrini male Pietro researcher University of Pisa Ir7NFFgAAAAJ 0000-0002-6768-5556
Richard N. Henson male Richard researcher j0-DVcUAAAAJ 0000-0002-0712-2639
Robin I. Goldman female Robin researcher Columbia University
Russell A. Poldrack male Russell psychologist
university teacher
Stanford University
University of Texas at Austin
University of California, Los Angeles
Baylor University
University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Organization for Human Brain Mapping[16] RbmLvDIAAAAJ 0000-0001-6755-0259 russpoldrack
Sabrina M. Tom female Sabrina researcher
Sarah J. Ordaz female Sarah researcher
postdoctoral researcher
Stanford University University of Pittsburgh
Sheng Zhang male researcher Yale University University of Science and Technology of China
Stefan Pollmann male Stefan professor University of Magdeburg University of Göttingen
University of California, Los Angeles
nZ7t1TgAAAAJ 0000-0001-5840-5658
Stefano L. Sensi male Stefano researcher University of California, Irvine[17] CTAR5_8AAAAJ
Stephen José Hanson male Stephen professor Rutgers University FfOAsbAAAAAJ
Stephen M. Smith male Stephen university teacher
University of Oxford
Defence Research Agency
University of Oxford gRptb5UAAAAJ 0000-0001-8166-069X
Steven E. Petersen male Steven professor Washington University in St. Louis California Institute of Technology
University of Montana
Steven M. Nelson male Steven researcher 8mfxD5gAAAAJ
Sung Jun Joo male postdoctoral researcher University of Texas at Austin -EkgpS4AAAAJ
Theresa Teslovich Woo female Theresa researcher OTFg_UMAAAAJ
Timothy E. J. Behrens male Timothy professor i3l_ejQAAAAJ behrenstimb
Timothy O. Laumann male Timothy researcher Washington University in St. Louis Dartmouth College
Tom Schonberg male Tom researcher Tel Aviv University K3IvqkIAAAAJ 0000-0002-4485-816X
Tor D. Wager male Tor university teacher University of Colorado Boulder 8b7b-6EAAAAJ 0000-0002-1936-5574 torwager
Toshihiko Matsuka male Toshihiko postdoctoral researcher[18] Rutgers University[18]
Truman R. Brown male professor Medical University of South Carolina iaAIfKkAAAAJ
Vince D. Calhoun male Vince researcher
University of New Mexico 7pk1M78AAAAJ 0000-0001-9058-0747[19]
Vincent A. Magnotta male Vincent researcher EguIOioAAAAJ
Xi-Nian Zuo male professor Chinese Academy of Sciences a3-gVGMAAAAJ
Yi-Ping Chao male assistant professor National Taiwan University
Chung Yuan Christian University
Yu-Feng Zang male professor Hangzhou Normal University
Beijing Normal University
Chinese Academy of Sciences
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