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There are 54,001,944 items on Wikidata
Wikidata statistics
Number of pages 56,408,315
Number of articles 54,001,944
Number of uploaded files 0
Number of registered users 3,058,674
Number of active users 19,839
Number of admins 61
Number of total edits 838,449,709
Wikidata (44,316,713)
human: 4,378,742 (9.9%)taxon: 2,509,963 (5.7%)administrative territorial entity: 1,812,457 (4.1%)architectural structure: 2,119,774 (4.8%)occurrence: 1,651,237 (3.7%)chemical compound: 759,000 (1.7%)film: 268,609 (0.6%)thoroughfare: 522,260 (1.2%)astronomical body: 155,105 (0.3%)Wikimedia list article: 299,810 (0.7%)Wikimedia disambiguation page: 1,280,367 (2.9%)Wikinews article: 211,930 (0.5%)scholarly article: 18,771,018 (42.4%)other P31/P279: 5,602,972 (12.6%)no P31/P279: 3,973,469 (9.0%)Circle frame white.svg
  •   human: 4,378,742 (9.9%)
  •   taxon: 2,509,963 (5.7%)
  •   administrative territorial entity: 1,812,457 (4.1%)
  •   architectural structure: 2,119,774 (4.8%)
  •   occurrence: 1,651,237 (3.7%)
  •   chemical compound: 759,000 (1.7%)
  •   film: 268,609 (0.6%)
  •   thoroughfare: 522,260 (1.2%)
  •   astronomical body: 155,105 (0.3%)
  •   Wikimedia list article: 299,810 (0.7%)
  •   Wikimedia disambiguation page: 1,280,367 (2.9%)
  •   Wikinews article: 211,930 (0.5%)
  •   scholarly article: 18,771,018 (42.4%)
  •   other P31/P279: 5,602,972 (12.6%)
  •   no P31/P279: 3,973,469 (9.0%)
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Welcome to my userpage. I am Emilio J. Rodríguez Posada (Q30564104) and emijrp is my nickname on the Internet (Q75). I'm from Spain (Q29) and I like the idea of compiling the sum of all human knowledge and its preservation. I joined to Wikidata (Q2013) in 2012 (Q1990) collaborating regularly. As of 2019, I have made more than 170,000 hand-made edits and over 25 million bot edits to all Wikimedia projects. In Wikidata, I enjoy creating items, adding statements and programming bots. I'm also active on Wikipedia (Q52) (see userpage) and Wikimedia Commons (Q565) (see userpage).

My interests include art (Q735), astronomy (Q333), cinema (Q16144339), cultural heritage (Q210272), archive (Q166118), library (Q7075), museum (Q33506), digital preservation (Q632897), politics (Q7163), reading (Q199657), travel (Q61509), history (Q309), photography (Q11633) and many more. I am always discovering new interesting topics.

I am not very fluent in English, so please help me to fix any mistakes in my userpage. Thanks in advance.

You can reach me at or using this form. Also, you can use my talk page.


Some details and notes about my little or big projects:

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