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This page shall include a listing of prospective topics to trigger off interactive discussions pertaining to Wikidata on social media (as part of internship work by User:Discoveranjali)

Ideas to trigger discussions[edit]

  • Weekly discussions on twitter
  • Topic-specific hashtags for posts/tweets pertaining to a topic set weekly (eg. #my1stWikidataItem)
  • Periodic surveys(if viable) seeking feedback for improvement
  • A weekly polling question (Example)
  • Recognition of a winner based on involvement in weekly discussions/activities
  • Monthly Wikidata Quiz

Topics to trigger initial discussions[edit]

  1. What is your favorite item on Wikidata ?
  2. What's your first Wikidata item ?
  3. What triggered your first Wikidata edit ?
  4. What's the coolest thing Wikidata makes possible ?
  5. Wikidata for you in one line
  6. What is the coolest tool in Wikidata toolkit ?
  7. A feature you wish to see on Wikidata ...
  8. What it takes to make your first edit ...
  9. Greatest challenge/issue faced while editing Wikidata items
  10. Wikidata selfie (with logo and first edit page/user page)

Topics for moderate/intermediate discussions[edit]

  1. Wikidata is not Wikipedia
  2. Why Wikidata ? (significance and need)
  3. Criteria for Showcase items
  4. Proposing new properties (discussion on prospective properties and guidelines to propose them)
  5. Pure Q/A session for newbies
  6. Tricks & tips for quality edits

Proposed topics (pending for review)[edit]

You are welcome to add more relevant and interesting topics for discussions pertaining to Wikidata on social media platforms in this section.


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