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Wikidata Bot This user account is a bot with a bot flag. The bot is operated by pasleim.
  • Block this bot if it is malfunctioning.
  • Check its work.
  • Contact the operator about mistakes.
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DeltaBot aims to be a collaborative bot on Wikidata. It focusses on basic maintenance tasks so that users can focus on complex problems.


You can contribute to DeltaBot in various ways:

For programmers

For everybody

  • suggest new tasks
  • check that the bot is running properly and report errors


All scripts are hosted on GitHub.

Task Script Run frequency
update Wikidata:Main Page/Popular [1] daily
archive property proposals [2] daily
archive requests for bot flag [3] deactivated
update list of newest properties on Wikidata:Status updates/Next [4] daily
count open property proposals [5] near real time
maintain Wikidata:Requests for deletions [6] near real time
fix claims (config) [7] hourly
update constraint violation reports [8] irregular
update complex constraint violation reports [9] daily
remove hidden characters [10] daily
resolve double redirects [11] daily
maintain badges (config) [12] stopped
patrol undone edits [13] near real time
replace placeholder for <somevalue> [14] near real time
add sitelinks for new disambiguation pages [15] hourly
create redirects for merged items [16] hourly
merge items after sitelink moves [17] hourly