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This user account is a bot with a bot flag. It is operated by kanashimi.
Wikimedia Cloud Services logo.svg Tool Labs is my sweet home. NodeJS.png I can't live without Node.js. Octicons-mark-github.svg I work openly and honestly.


Import labels/aliases[edit]

 Approved Extracting the name of an wikidata entity from articles and adding it to the entity.
source code: 20160414.import label from wiki link.js on GitHub (Based on CeJS library )

Synchronize data[edit]

 Approved Synchronize the status of wikidata entities and the wikipedia pages.
source code: 20160924.import book data.js on GitHub (Based on CeJS library )

Import data from Catalogue of Life in Taiwan (Q26218155)[edit]

 Approved Import data from Catalogue of Life in Taiwan (Q26218155) to wikidata.
source code: 20160915.TaiBNET.js on GitHub (Based on CeJS library )

software framework[edit]

software framework: CeJS / MediaWiki module
run-time system: Node.js, JScript
Some Wikipedia bot examples using MediaWiki module of CeJS library

The user agent is CeJS/2.0 ( when it's running under Node.js. API feature usage


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