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A mapping of the allowed value of invalid ID (P) according to WFD data in which is found in (Annex 8h, p.385-386). See in the WISE vocabulary for sameAs links.

QE Quality Elements (WFD Annex V) in vocab in StatusQE element in BQE_Enum in SupportingQE_Enum in PhysChemQE_Enum Wikidata
QE1 Biological quality elements Y
QE1-1 Phytoplankton Y Y Y
QE1-2 Other aquatic flora Y Y Y
QE1-2-1 Macroalgae Y Y Y
QE1-2-2 Angiosperms Y Y Y
QE1-2-3 Macrophytes Y Y Y
QE1-2-4 Phytobenthos Y Y Y
QE1-3 Benthic invertebrates Y Y Y
QE1-4 Fish Y Y Y
QE1-5 Other species Y Y
QE2 Hydromorphological quality elements Y
QE2-1 Hydrological or tidal regime Y Y Y
QE2-2 River continuity conditions Y Y Y
QE2-3 Morphological conditions Y Y Y
QE3 Chemical and physico-chemical quality … Y
QE3-1 General parameters Y
QE3-1-1 Transparency conditions Y Y Y
QE3-1-1-1 Secchi disk depth Y Y
QE3-1-1-2 Other determinand for transparency Y Y
QE3‐1‐2 Thermal conditions Y Y
QE3‐1‐2‐1 Water temperature (Celsius) Y
QE3‐1‐2‐2 Other determinand for thermal conditions Y
QE3‐1‐3 Oxygenation conditions Y Y
QE3‐1‐3‐1 Oxygen saturation (%) Y
QE3‐1‐3‐2 Dissolved oxygen (mg/l) Y
QE3‐1‐3‐3 Other determinand for oxygenation conditions Y
QE3‐1‐4 Salinity conditions Y Y
QE3‐1‐4‐1 Practical salinity units Y
QE3‐1‐4‐2 Other determinand for salinity Y
QE3‐1‐5 Acidification status Y Y
QE3‐1‐5‐1 Acid neutralising capacity Y
QE3‐1‐5‐2 pH Y
QE3‐1‐5‐3 Other determinand for acidification status Y
QE3‐1‐6 Nutrient conditions Y
QE3‐1‐6‐1 Nitrogen conditions Y
QE3‐1‐6‐1‐1 Nitrate Y
QE3‐1‐6‐1‐2 Nitrite Y
QE3‐1‐6‐1‐3 Non‐ionised Ammonia Y
QE3‐1‐6‐1‐4 Ammonium Y
QE3‐1‐6‐1‐5 Total Nitrogen Y
QE3‐1‐6‐2 Phosphorus Conditions Y
QE3‐1‐6‐2‐1 Orthophosphate Y
QE3‐1‐6‐2‐2 Total Phosphorous Y
QE3‐1‐6‐3 Silicate Y
QE3‐1‐6‐4 Other determinand for nutrient conditions Y
QE3‐3 River Basin Specific Pollutants Y