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Currently working on semi-automatically adding P150 (contains administrative territorial entity) claims where the target of the claim is a Q484170 (commune of France), built from the P131 (located in the administrative territorial entity) claims of each commune of France. ✓ Done with Quick Statements, fixing a few mistakes while working on the next thing.

List of commune of France (Q484170) directly placed in a region of France (Q36784) : WDQ APIWDQ editorAutolist 1 Trying to get rid of those, work in progress

/!\ List of commune of France (Q484170) NOT placed at all. This is to be fixed urgently : WDQ APIWDQ editorAutolist 1

List of commune of France (Q484170) NOT directly placed in a departments of France (Q6465) : WDQ APIWDQ editorAutolist 1 Would make things a lot easier for everyone to be able to fetch all commune of France (Q484170) of a departments of France (Q6465) directly (without performing queries on all arrondissement of France (Q194203) and/or canton of France (until 2015) (Q184188) / canton of France (Q18524218) - and that time distinction makes things even crappier to query), that's what I'll be doing next. Wish me luck, 21292 of them...