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Use WD search ranking in MnM auto-matching

Vladimir Alexiev (talkcontribs)

Consider the entry "Pharmacy" on which is a newly auto-matched catalog. It shows the maximum 10 candidates, and neither one is close:

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology [Q10532762]: Peer-reviewed Scientific Journal

Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics [Q15753553]: journal covering all aspects of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics

Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy [Q5308840]: peer-reviewed scientific journal

American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy [Q15754037]: journal

Pharmacy Practice [Q6074123]: journal

Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice [Q6295681]: journal

Pharmacy in History [Q15755950]: journal

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences [Q15760233]: journal

Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy [Q15817708]: journal

International Journal of Pharmacy Practice [Q15751312]: journal

In contrast:

@Magnus Manske Could you please change the auto-matcher to use WD ranking when searching for candidates?

Alternatively, could you add an arrow to invoke the "MnM dynamic entry search" in the list of items, next to the arrow that shows the inferior 10 auto-matching results?

Magnus Manske (talkcontribs)

The default "automatcher" uses the WD database replica to quickly search for potential matches. The "Automatch by search" matcher is what you want. See the "Action/Jobs" tab.

Vladimir Alexiev (talkcontribs) says these were done: 1. automatch, 2. automatch from other catalogs, 3. automatch by search. Yet the results I cited do not benefit from "automatch by search". I will now restart "automatch by search", should this fix the problem?

Magnus Manske (talkcontribs)

It will add auto-matches to entries that don't have one. I don't have a "reset auto-matches" button yet.

Vladimir Alexiev (talkcontribs)
Magnus Manske (talkcontribs)

I have deactivated the "low quality" auto-matcher. I also now use the first search result as the auto-match, in case there are multiple. I will look into providing a "reset automatches" function, so you can purge the low quality ones when and where you like.

Magnus Manske (talkcontribs)

There is now a "purge automatches" option in jobs.

Vladimir Alexiev (talkcontribs)

Thank you! I purged, restarted "automqtch by search" , and will report the results

Vladimir Alexiev (talkcontribs)
Vladimir Alexiev (talkcontribs)
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