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M'n'M scraper request - New Yorker Cartoon Bank

LadiesMakingComics (talkcontribs)

I want to pull together a list of New Yorker cartoonists, but the official website is set up more for licensing the cartoons than crediting the cartoonists. But the credits are there, so after some digging around the page source and futzing with the search function, I figured out that it should be possible to set up a scraper. It's just a bit beyond me to do it myself, so I'd appreciate your expertise at your earliest convenience.

So here's the beginning and end of the code block for the list:

<div id="byldiv" >

<label for="byline"> Artist </label>

<select name="byline" id="byline" tabindex="21">

<option value="">-- Select One --</option>

<option value="Acocella Marchetto, Marisa" selected="selected">Acocella Marchetto, Marisa</option>


<option value="Ziegler, Jack" >Ziegler, Jack</option>

<option value="de Sarro, Rodney" >de Sarro, Rodney</option>

</select> </div>

And here is the shortest working URL to return a single artist:

Thanks in advance!

Magnus Manske (talkcontribs)
LadiesMakingComics (talkcontribs)

You are amazing.