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Strobilomyces (talkcontribs)

Hello Magnus.

I have been using QuickStatements to add author citation information to fungus items and in general it works very well, but I have a problem.  I would like to make two separate claims P2868"subject has role" = Q810198"basionym" with qualifier P642"of" = Q58236853"Rhizomarasmius setosus" and a separate claim P2868"subject has role" = Q810198"basionym" with qualifier P642"of" = Q10432250"Marasmius setosus" (see Q58240772 "Agaricus setosus").  But when I use V1 QuickStatement lines like the following to insert this

Q58240772    P2868    Q810198    P642    Q58236853    S248    Q1860469    S813    +2019-02-04T00:00:00Z/11

Q58240772    P2868    Q810198    P642    Q10432250    S248    Q1860469    S813    +2019-01-04T00:00:00Z/11

the second P642"of" value is merged into the same claim as the first (see Q12229318 "Agaricus undatus" for an example of this).  I want to keep the values in separate claims because when they are merged it is not possible to know which reference is associated with which P642"of" value.  Is there some way that I could tell QuickStatements to keep the claims separate?

Jarekt (talkcontribs)
Strobilomyces (talkcontribs)

@Jarekt Thanks a lot for this answer. Up to now I just added the later claim without checking if there is an earlier claim with a different qualifier value. But I wouldn't have to do that, I would always use a dummy value instead of Q810198"basionym" and add a template to the P2868 talk page to translate the dummy value to Q810198. These property talk page templates are a new world for me. It is good to know that there is a probable solution, perhaps I will try it out.

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