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Nikki (talkcontribs)

I've seen a few issues with the autodesc descriptions:

  • It is using deprecated statements when it shouldn't. Those are by definition wrong, so there's no reason to ever include them.
  • It isn't preferring the preferred rank statements. Doing that would remove old values and shorten some descriptions quite significantly.
  • It shows the same values multiple times if there are multiple statements with different dates.
  • It sticks an "e"/"er" on the end of country names in German even when it hasn't managed to convert it into an adjective.
  • It lowercases the second nationality in English when it shouldn't.
  • It uses "englisch" in German to mean "britisch".
  • It doesn't know that that Model (and derived words) are neuter in German.

Some examples:

For Floris Meydam (Q2312612), which has a deprecated sex or gender (P21) statement, it says "Königreich der Niederlandee Bildhauerin und Keramikerin (1919–2011) ♀ ♂".

For Barnaby Joyce (Q4861362), which has a preferred country of citizenship (P27) statement, it says "Australian-new zealander politician, Member of the Australian Senate, Member of the Australian House of Representatives, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Member of the Australian House of Representatives, and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia (*1967) ♂".

For Wrocław (Q1799), which has preferred instance of (P31), located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) and country (P17) statements, it says "City with powiat rights, city, and Hanseatic city in Kingdom of Poland / Duchy of Silesia / Duchy of Wroclaw / Kingdom of Bohemia / Kingdom of Hungary / Kingdom of Bohemia / Kingdom of Prussia / Lower Silesian Voivodeship / Breslau Government Region / Kingdom of Prussia / Kingdom of Bohemia / Kingdom of Hungary / Kingdom of Bohemia / Duchy of Wroclaw / Duchy of Silesia / Kingdom of Poland, Poland / Nazi Germany / Weimar Republic / German Empire, population 634487, from 1214".

For Andy Murray (Q10125), who is Scottish, not English, it says "Englischer Tennisspieler (*1987) ♂; Officer of the Order of the British Empire, הספורטאי הצעיר של השנה של ה-BBC, Sportler des Jahres, Laureus World Sports Awards/Newcomer des Jahres, Knight Bachelor, Sportler des Jahres und Sportler des Jahres; Kind von Judy Murray; verheiratet mit Kim Sears".

For Caren Pfleger (Q1035898), it says "Deutsche Modelin (*1945) ♀; Verdienstkreuz am Bande des Verdienstordens der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"

I think fixing the deprecated rank issue would be straightforward, adding if ( v.rank == "deprecated" ) return ; to the $.each() in the hasPQ, addItemsFromClaims and getYear functions should do it.

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