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{{smiley|1}} Face-smile.svg
{{smiley|2}} Face-sad.svg
{{smiley|3}} Face-wink.svg
{{smiley|4}} Face-blush.svg
{{smiley|5}} Face-grin.svg
{{smiley|6}} Face-surprise.svg
{{smiley|7}} Face-tongue.svg
{{smiley|8}} Face-confused.svg
{{smiley|9}} Shade.png
{{smiley|10}} Noto Emoji Pie 1f622.svg
{{smiley|11}} Light Bulb or Idea Flat Icon Vector.svg
{{smiley|12}} Smile eye.png
{{smiley|13}} Wink.png
{{smiley|14}} Face-grin.svg
{{smiley|15}} Face-devil-grin.svg
{{smiley|16}} Face-kiss.svg
{{smiley|17}} Face-smile-big.svg
{{smiley|18}} Face-crying.svg
{{smiley|19}} Face-glasses.svg
{{smiley|20}} Face-angel.svg
{{smiley|21}} Face-hand.svg
{{smiley|22}} 718smiley.svg
{{smiley|23}} Emoticon =v=.svg
{{smiley|24}} Noto Emoji Pie 1f601.svg
{{smiley|25}} Noto Emoji Pie 1f621.svg
{{smiley|26}} Ras.gif
{{smiley|27}} Confused.svg
{{smiley|28}} SMirC-thumbsup.svg
{{smiley|29}} Sifflote.svg
{{smiley|30}} Lixa.gif
{{smiley|31}} Puzzled.svg