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{{Creator}} creates an infobox to be customized on Creator: namespace pages and used on File and Category namespace pages. See c:Template:Creator for guidelines on how to use Creator namespace.

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This template has been copied from Commons as a guide for future development for Commons.
Not all functionality and not all languages supported by the original template may be available.
For further information and discussion see the talk page.

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The template automatically sets the following categories:

< Creator templates >  Wikidata property  object or value >

This template will categorize categories transcluding it and matching "Homecat" field into Category:Creator template home categories.
This template will categorize some creator infobox pages it into sub-categories of Category:Creator template maintenance.


{{Creator|Name=|Alternative names=|Sortkey=|Birthdate=|Deathdate=|Birthloc=|Deathloc=|Workperiod=|Workloc=|Image=|Homecat=|Nationality=|Gender=|Occupation=|Linkback=|Wikidata=|Authority=|Option=}}

When creating a new Creator page copy, you can click on "preload a creator template". You can also paste and fill the text below into your new page:

 | Name              = NAME SURNAME
 | Alternative names = 
 | Nationality       = 
 | Gender            = <!-- male / female -->
 | Occupation        =  
 | Description       = 
 | Birthdate         = 
 | Birthloc          = 
 | Deathdate         = 
 | Deathloc          = 
 | Workperiod        = 
 | Workloc           = 
 | Image             = 
 | Sortkey           = SURNAME, NAME 
 | Homecat           = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
 | Option            = {{{1|}}} <!-- Do not modify -->
 | Linkback          = {{subst:FULLPAGENAME}}
 | Authority         = <!-- {{Authority control|GND=|VIAF=|LCCN=|ULAN=|bare=1}} -->
 | Wikidata          = 

Below are some suggestions on how to fill the parameters. In general keep it short and use language independent terms if possible. Avoid translating of names and places and use links to Wikipedia or a gallery which will have translations or interwiki links to articles in other languages.


Parameter name Description Default value required or optional?

Name empty required
Alternative names All other variants of the name, pseudonyms, etc. Language variation could be added here too if the name in native language differs from English version. Do not use it to provide interwiki links - place them in a gallery linked from Name or on a Wikipedia page. Use template {{Name}} to indicate that name is a birth, legal or pseudonym. empty optional
Sortkey empty required
Birthdate empty optional
Birthyear empty optional
Deathdate empty optional
Deathyear empty optional
Birthloc empty optional
Deathloc empty optional
Workperiod empty optional
Workloc empty optional
Image empty optional
Homecat The Homecat parameter adds a category to the creator template, which will then be included in the list of articles in that category. Please do not add additional categories (like [[Category:Name Surname]]) to creator templates, since these will then be added to all the files and categories that use the template. Find pages with homecat issues:
  • Biographical categories transcluding {{Creator}} template which are not home categories: [1]
empty required
Nationality Home nation of the person that determines nationality; not necessarily the same as country of birth, place of residence nor place of death. See {{Nationality}} and {{CountryAdjective}} for supported values. Dual nationalities are allowed, separate nationalities with "/". empty optional
Gender Whether the individual is male or female (set the parameter to male, female, m or f accordingly). Used as input to {{NationAndOccupation}}. empty optional
Occupation English name of the profession. Multiple professions have to be separated by "/". For example "painter / photographer". See {{Occupation}} for supported values. Pages using unsupported values will be listed in Category:Pages using Occupation template with incorrect parameters. empty optional
Description Additional description of the person, if needed. Possible uses:
  • listing relationships to other historical figures. Please use {{Kinship}} template.
empty optional
Linkback name of specialized Creator: page used to provide a link back to it. If provided, then an icon Icons-mini-icon link.gif will be shown in the top line after the name. Clicking this icon will bring user to the proper Creator: page. empty required
Wikisource link to related Wikisource page(s), mostly useful for writers. Use "s:pl:Autor:Adam Mickiewicz" notation. eg.: |Wikisource=s:pl:Autor:Adam Mickiewicz. Please use {{LangSwitch}} if author was writing in several languages, for example "|Wikisource = {{LangSwitch|en=s:en:Author:Joseph Conrad|fr=s:fr:Auteur:Joseph_Conrad|pl=s:pl:Autor:Joseph Conrad}}" empty optional
Wikiquote link to related Wikiquote page(s). See Wikisource parameter for details, on how to use it. empty optional
Wikidata link to related Wikidata page(s). Enter the item name without enclosing brackets, eg.: |Wikidata=Q41406. empty optional
Authority Authority control data displayed using a call to {{Authority control|...|bare=1}}. Find pages with authority control issues:
  • Creator templates with {{Authority control}} template without "bare=1" option [2]
  • Creator home categories with {{Authority control}} added to both category and creator template [3]
  • Creator home categories with {{Authority control}} added to the category instead creator template [4]
  • All of above plus other issues [5]
empty optional
Type Allows tagging and categorizing of unusual creator templates:
commons userFor people directly contributing to Commons, aka Commons users. For templates of this type only minimal parameter validation will be performed.Category:User creator templates
corporationcompany or any other formally organized groupCategory:Corporate creator templates
groupgroup of individuals, but not a corporation. For instance an artistic school or a group of individuals that closely collaborated together in such a way that each individual's contribution is difficult to appreciate (e.g. Creator:Limbourg Brothers)Category:Group creator templates
stubTag as stub if providing very incomplete information. This option will show a message that this is a stub and only minimal parameter validation will be performed. Category:Creator template stubs
persondefault type
person optional
ImgWidth Image width in pixels. Most templates do not need to use this parameter, but some exceptionally voluminous templates might look better with larger images (100<ImgWidth<150). Also templates with image and very little info could use smaller image (70<ImgWidth<100). 100 optional
References Links and other references used for creators without Wikipedia articles. Just as in Wikipedia all the data in this template should be verifiabile. In most of the cases people already have articles in Wikipedia or Wikisource (in English or other languages) linked to by links in "Name" and "Wikisource" fields. However on a rare occasion that such article does not exist, please use "Reference" parameter to add references and or links to pages where the information come from. empty optional
Option Variable to be passed from creator page. Available options are: "workshop of", "circle of", "school of", "or follower", "or workshop", "and workshop", "attributed to", "after", "formerly attributed to", "follower of", "manner of", and "near". These options will add those phrases to the author's name in the user's language. empty required

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces:

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Relies on:
{{NationAndOccupation}}, {{Authority control}}, {{Name}}, {{City}}, {{ISOdate}}, {{ISOyear}}

See also


This template is localized by utilizing MediaWiki namespace messages. These can be translated at translatewiki.net (current translations).


Creator:Paul Cézanne, rendered as Template:Creator:Paul Cézanne

has source code:

[[:Template:Creator:Paul Cézanne]]

Creator:Viktor Vasnetsov, rendered as Template:Creator:Viktor Vasnetsov

has source code:

[[:Template:Creator:Viktor Vasnetsov]]

Template Tags

This template adds several template tags (empty templates which can be traced) to images meeting some criteria:

All of them are used for maintenance tasks. They are a little like real hidden categories.