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Item: items with this property should also have
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist.
List of this constraint violations: [[Wikidata:Database reports/Constraint violations/Constraint:Item#Item {{{property}}}|Database reports/Constraint violations/Constraint:Item#Item {{{property}}}]]

The ID "Constraint:Item" is unknown to the system. Please use a valid entity ID.

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Allows to check if items using a given property also use other properties.

  1. Wikimedia language code (P424) is used on items about languages.
  2. These items all should have instance of (P31) = language (Q34770).
  3. To check this and find items that still miss instance of (P31) = language (Q34770),
    add {{Constraint:Item|property=P31|item=Q34770}} to Property talk:P424.

This template categorizes into Category:Properties with constraints on items using them



|items={{Q|xx}},{{Q|xx}},{{Q|xx}} |exceptions={{Q|xx}},{{Q|xx}} }}
xx are numbers

  • To check for persons or taxons, add:
    {{Constraint:Person}} or {{Constraint:Taxon}} accordingly
    which expands to multiple {{Constraint:Item}} statements
  • To check for items in a specific country, add all of the following:
    Sample is for Sweden (Q34)

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