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@Сидик_из_ПТУ:: Why did you revert the item to the old, incorrect state? "West Germany" was simply the name used for the Federal Republic of Germany to differentiate it from the German Democratic Republic aka "East Germany", since two German countries existed at the same time back then. But the official name of the country was always "Federal Republic of Germany", which continues to exist to this day and has its own item, Germany (Q183), where most of these statements belong (or are already present respectively). "West Germany" is not a separate country from today's Federal Republic. During the reunification, the GDR was dissolved and its six states became part of the FRG. No new country was formed. After that, there simply wasn't any need to use the name "West Germany" anymore, so everyone simply used "Germany" again. See also de:Westdeutschland#Politische Sichtweise and de:Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (bis 1990). Including statements like instance of (P31)  sovereign state (Q3624078), etc. here thereby don't make much sense. --Kam Solusar (talk) 14:22, 30 September 2018 (UTC)

There are two reasons. First, the formalization of this element as a sovereign state has been a consensus for several years and can not be changed by one user without any discussion. I believe you will agree that such a trick with such an important article as West Germany in any section of Wikipedia would require bringing the community's attention. Secondly, if such a decision is made, tens of thousands of edits will be required in the Wikidata items that the bot should be assigned to. For example, you did not redefine attachment of Bavaria (Q980) to West Germany (Q713750) in located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) for the period of 1949-1990. As a result, the algorithm that builds the chains of regions, was producing something like "Augsburg (Q2749), Bavaria (Q980), West Germany (Q713750), Germany (Q183)" in infoboxes of persons born in 1980. I see, you then began to manually change country of origin (P495) from Germany (Q183) to West Germany (Q713750) in the items of movies or books. However, in this case, such a task should also be assigned to the bot. In summary, I propose to forward the question of the future of this element to general discussion and, based on its results, simultaneously redefine all the dependent statements in thousands of items. I even see the pros in the approach you proposed: we will not have to rack our brains with the "dual citizenship" of people (Germany (Q183) + West Germany (Q713750)). Nevertheless, it is necessary to fix the consensus of the community.Сидик из ПТУ (talk) 18:15, 30 September 2018 (UTC)