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—Success of a Business depends on the way of treating its customers.A company's Revenue solely depends on the Customer.He is the Boss or the King & his level of Satisfaction will decide the growth of the Company.At the end if your business is able to identify the need of the Customer , & is able to Showcase it in Your product then your 60% of the Job is done.The Rest 40% depends on the Quality of Pitch you follow to sell it.Though it is said well begun is half done but that well begun should have a good ending also , & ending depends on your pitch

A thorough Knowledge about the product is must before you start to sell anything.Bluffing the customer may increase your Company's revenue but it will ultimately destroy your whole business within a short period of time.Selling the right thing is surely a better option. A best sales person is one who knows to Create a urgency in the mind of customer & accordingly pitches the product to him. Business intelligence is One of the important factor in the growth of a business ,if a person is able to see where his company stands in the market & is able to identify where his company lacks will certainly help the company in future.

Sales Pitch[edit]

A Proper sales pitch will decide the future of a product.Telling the benefits at the first point will surely help in selling. After that telling the customer How Our brand is different from Other brands that exist in the market.Last but not the least never encourage push based marketing in your Pitch it will show the level of desperation to the Customer & indirectly it is not good for business.