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This object describes the reliable source, used by ruwiki articles. Basing on information from this object special LUA module transforms Wikidata properties into standard reference wikitext. For this object formatted reference text looks like the following[1]:

Luciano D., Prichett G. Cryptology: From Caesar Ciphers to Public-Key Cryptosystems // The College Mathematics JournalMathematical Association of America, 1987. — Vol. 18, Iss. 1. — P. 2–17. — ISSN 0746-8342doi:10.2307/2686311

You can check actual usage of this source description at ruwiki here.

  1. Reference format is defined by ГОСТ 7.80—2000, ГОСТ 7.1—2003 and ГОСТ Р 7.0.5—2008.

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