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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-08-23.


Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

  • The new Main page will go live early next week! See the announcement at Project chat for more details and to leave any last comments
  • It will be possible to show the badges like "Featured Article" stored on Wikidata in the sidebar of the clients (Wikipedia, Wikisource, ...) starting Tuesday. Wikipedia will follow on Thursday.
  • Starting Tuesday we will deploy a new beta feature on the clients. It will allow you to show links to other sister projects in the sidebar based on the links in Wikidata.
  • Planning for structured data support for Commons is starting to pick up speed. Get involved: Also maybe attend the office hour?

Did you know?[edit]


  • Deployed lots of new features like badges, access to language links for Wikinews and Wikidata, the monolingual text data type and redirects!
  • Working hard on making the new UI a reality, mainly refactoring the UI widgets right now. Covers a lot of ground and will take some time.
  • More work on HHVM issues that need to be fixed before Wikidata can switch to it.

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

You can see all open bugs related to Wikidata here

Monthly Tasks[edit]

Anything to add? Please share! :)