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This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-07-26.


Other Noteworthy Stuff[edit]

Did you know?[edit]


  • Published the first JSON dumps
  • Finishing touches on badges support
  • Finishing touches on redirects
  • Finishing touches on the "in other projects" beta feature that displays links to sister projects in the sidebar of Wikipedia for example
  • Tested and fixed issues with allowing sitelinks to Wikidata pages and accessing item data via Lua on Wikidata itself
  • Final tests before we can start switching to the new serialization format
  • The code for simple queries is being reviewed by the Foundation. This is hopefully the last step before we can deploy this too.
  • Worked on improving the code of the {{#property}} parser function in preparation of allowing arbitrary data access and allowing linked output.

See current sprint items for what we’re working on next.

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Monthly Tasks[edit]